List of Best Dental Clinics In Kenya

What are the Best Dental Clinics In Kenya? That’s one question many people find asking themselves since we all love cheerful smiles, clean mouths, good dental formula and of course, healthy teeth. Smiles gives us confidence and so does a good dental formula.

Sometimes, we have problems with our teeth which require a dentist’s intervention, dentistry as a branch of medicine consists of the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of diseases, and conditions of the oral cavity. Many public hospitals don’t have this vital dental unit which leaves patients struggling to raise funds to go for quality checkups in private hospitals, a majority of which have their own dental units.

Here is a comprehensive list of the best Dental clinics in Kenya at the moment.

1.Keridam Dental Clinic

Tel: 0704 477 100 , 0789 308 179
Email: [email protected]

2. Molars Dental Clinic
Tel:+254 751 856 900 / 0202428104
Email: [email protected]

3. Smile Dental Clinic
Tel: 0733 500800

4.The Periodontist Dental

Tel:(0716) 521-043
(0773) 491-821
(020) 521-0556
Email: [email protected]

5.Yaya Dental Centre
Tel: 020 2035183

6.Karen Dental Clinic

Wireless: 020 2091997
 Tel: 0700 720300
0721 608767

7.Nairobi Premier Dental Clinic
Tel: 0701 859649

8.The Westside Dental Clinic

Tel: +254 719 432 550
+254 733 704 287
[email protected]

9.Parkroad Dental Clinic
Tel: 0722 672889

10.Tender CareDental Clinic

Tel: 0723 885 960 / 0736 885 960
Email: [email protected]

Other dental clinics which offer exemplary services to their patients are;

Mile Dental Clinic

Skye Dental Clinic

Nairobi South Dental Clinic

Swedish Dental Clinic

Maasai Dental Clinic

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