List Of Best Driving Schools In Kenya

This is a list of the best driving schools in Kenya. The list mainly focuses on accredited driving schools which have over the years been offering extensive lessons and training programs necessary to guarantee one a driver’s license.

Here is a list of the best driving schools in Kenya.

1. AA Kenya

It is the oldest and best driving school in Kenya, founded in 1962. It is renowned for its commitment to safe and responsible driving exemplified by competent and certified instructors.

For inquiries about costs, you can contact them via email,, or +254 709 933 000/ +254 720 227 267

2. Stega Driving School

It is one of the leading driving schools in Nairobi that has been in operation since December 1995. The school offers complete driving lessons with the latest NTSA curriculum at affordable rates. It prides itself for providing the best student care which brings out competent drivers that comply with road regulations and guidelines.

They usually pick and drop their students with prior arrangement. Stega’s main branch is located at Reli Coop House, 3rd Floor, Room 310b above Tuskys next to Bus Station. It has other three satellite campuses in Embakasi, Savanna opposite Greenspan Mall, and Kayole. Fees range from Kshs. 8,000 to 15,000.

Contacts: +254 722 213 810



3. Rocky Driving School

The school has been providing driving lessons and driving instructor training since the early ’90s. It offers driving lessons for different categories of vehicles such as small cars, trucks, PSV and special lessons for people with disabilities. Fees range from Kshs. 12,900 to 19,350.

Contacts: +254 702 552 222

4. Petanns Driving School

It is a reputable driving school located in Nairobi with several other branches located in various towns in Kenya. They offer driving lessons categorised into different classes; class A3 & A2 for motorcycles, B1 for light passenger car (Kshs 13, 500), B3 (professional) Kshs 15,000,  C1&C ( light tracks and medium tracks) Kshs 14,500,  D1 &D2 for vans and minibuses Kshs 15,000, CE (trailers) Kshs 30,000

C0ntacts: +254 721 328 383


5. Seniors Driving School

It offers all types of driving lessons that vary depending on classes and categories such as BCE class, E class, F/G class, D class and Art class (Trailer).

Contacts: +254 729 461 713


6. Sony Driving School

It is also an accredited driving school located in Mageso Chambers, Moi Avenue Nairobi. Their charges range between Kshs 10,000- 17,000.

7. Heltz Driving School

It offers all-inclusive driving lessons for classes A to D which includes motorcycles, small cars and trucks. Charges range from Kshs 7, 300 for motorbike lessons.

Contacts: +254 738 873 914/ +254 722 873 914

8. Top Gear Driving School

Top Gear Driving School offers driving on both manual and auto transmission cars. Charges range between Kshs 10,500 to 14,500.

Contacts: +254 722 784 235/ +254 702 710 308


9. Iqra Driving School

It is located at Hurlingham Plaza along Argwings Kodhek Road, Nairobi. For further inquiries about charges, you can contact them via, +254 748 634 585

10. Wings Driving School

It is also a top driving school that may not be well known amongst Kenyans. However, it has the best instructors to take you through driving practicals and theories.

11. Glory Driving School

Glory Driving School is located along Murang’a Road, Nairobi. It offers extensive driving lessons in all categories/classes. It charges about 12,000 for a full driving course that consists of 15 lessons.

Contacts: +254 020 222 1611

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