List Of Best Environmental Consultants In Kenya

This is a list of best environmental consultants in Kenya. The list focuses on reputable environmental consultancy firms that are capable of providing reliable and timely environmental solutions, all aimed at fostering a sustainable future.

Here is a list of the best environmental consultants in Kenya.

1. Ecolead Consultants Ltd

Ecolead is one of the leading consultancy firms that focus on the provision of high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions in environmental planning, management and research.

Contacts: +254 722 675 991, +254 777 675 991


2. ESF Consultants

It is an African based environmental, social, health and safety consulting firm that provides environment and social governance services to all sectors of the economy.

Contacts: +254 736 100 205, +254 020 386 0608


3. Eclat

It is a world-class environmental management consultancy firm based in Kenya. Its service portfolio includes; environmental and social impact assessment, technology transfer, project management, research and documentation of environmental and natural resource phenomena.

Contacts: +254 720 257 606


4. Greenkey Environmental Solutions

It is a Kenyan owned consulting firm with a focus on providing a range of environmental solutions to industries and firms across the East African region.

Contacts: +254 20 269 3083/4, +254 722 600 183


5. Africa Waste & Environment Management Centre

The firm was established in 2004 to offer environmental consultancy services in areas such as environmental audits, strategic environmental assessment and environmental impact assessments.

Contacts: +254 704 333 166, +254 20 2012408


6. Terrcon

Terrcon is a leading environmental and social management consultancy firm, with a global scope of services aimed at providing sustainable environmental solutions.

Contact: +254 704 444 181

7. ECCONS East Africa Ltd

It is also a leading environmental firm that provides advisory services, environmental audits and impact assessment.

Contact: +254 722 487 317


8. Greendime Consultants Ltd

It is a professional firm specialising in offering consultancy services in environmental impact assessments, environmental audits, health &safety assessments and environmental management consultancy.

Contact: +254 725 402 115

9. Ecohealth Company Ltd

It is an environmental, health and safety consultancy firm that was established in 2008 and has steadily grown to be one of the best environmental solutions providers in Kenya.

Contacts: +254 727 071 692, +254 726 484 114


10. Diligent Environmental Consultancy Limited

It is a registered environmental consultancy firm that offers consultancy services with specialisation in environmental social impact assessment and environmental audit consultancy.

Contact: +254 786 560 435


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