List Of Best EPS Panels Manufacturers In Kenya

This is a list of the best EPS panels manufacturers in Kenya. EPS panels are factory engineered construction materials made from expanded polystyrene that is sandwiched between two high tensile metal wires.

Here is a list of the best EPS manufacturers in Kenya.

1. EPS 3D Panels

EPS 3D Panels are licensed manufacturers of quality, KEBS certified EPS floor panels and wall panels. They provide customers with quality products and services as per their needs.

Location: Metrotile Complex, Ruiru.

Contacts: 0796 212 600, 0722 327 923.


2. C-MAX Limited

C-MAX is an ultra-modern factory in Kenya that manufactures EPS (Expanded Polystyrene Sintered) panels. The panels are self-supporting, can be made in various shapes and cover the entire range of elements necessary to finalise any type of processing in the construction sector.

Location: Next to Kenya Clay Ltd, Ruiru.

Contact: 0722 764 433.


3. Eco Brains Contractors

Eco Brains Contractors are manufacturers and contractors of EPS insulated sandwich panels and EPS 3D panels. The panels are pre-manufactured depending on the design and the client’s requirement for lessening installation time.

Location: Nairobi Garden Estate, Muthaiga North Road, House No H17.

Contacts: 0710 842 717, 0780 842 717.


4. NHC EPS Factory

The National Housing Corporation has an EPS factory with a capacity to produce about 126,720 EPS panels in a year.

Location: Mlolongo.

Contacts: 0724 256 403, 020 218 8286.


5. Gypsum Ceiling Kenya

The company supplies EPS panels and expanded polystyrene boards in Kenya. Their EPS panels have a minimum density of 15kg/m3 with double connectors and a transverse steel mesh area of 101 mm2/m, making them the most rigid and structurally sound panels in the Kenyan market.

Contact: 0703 200 300.


6. Koto Housing Kenya

The company manufactures EPS panels that are made of fibre material, composite cement and high-density polystyrene.

Location: Koto House, Mlolongo.

Contacts: 0708 108 633, 0789 808 991.


7. Isopanels Kenya

Isopanels Kenya manufactures tailor-made EPS panels suitable for any construction project.

Location: Naivasha.

Contact: 0734 699 749.

8. Hong Kong Building Kenya

Hong Kong Building is a professional manufacturer of high-quality EPS panels. The company produces different types of EPS wall panels in Nairobi and supplies them to the East African market.

Location: Along Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 837 999.


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