List Of Best Errands Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best errands companies in Kenya. The list focuses on renowned companies that offer a wide range of errand services, from personal to business errands.

Here is a list of the best errands companies in Kenya.

1. Bestcare Facilities Management

It is a dynamic company offering errand & delivery services and temporary assistants who are always available to perform any errand needs you may have.

Contact: 0725 548 383, 0722 566 999.


2.Wakah Errands

Wakah Errands offers professional errand services solely for the purpose of your everyday needs. It offers services such as food purchases/ home delivery, sourcing of items, pet walking, gift wrapping and basic house maintenance.

Contact: 0769 263 108.


3. Vallymore Errands

Vallymore is a leading errands service company based in Nairobi. It offers the best services in running personal and business errands. This includes shopping delivery, car service, airport transfers and courier services.

Contact: 0711 167 5517.


4. Marhaba Errands Services

The company operates in Nairobi and Mombasa. It specialises in corporate, business and personal errands such as grocery shopping, bank and post office errands, queuing errands, dry cleaning pick-up and delivery, occasions emissary and statutory documents.

Contact: 0777 709 001.


5. Nairobi Fast Errands

The company specialises in personal errands in Nairobi, guaranteeing you timeliness, efficiency and satisfaction.

Contact: 0721 761 746, 0707 655 922.


6. Petty Errands

Petty Errands does both business and personal errands such as business registration services, banking/bill payment, parcel delivery, mail collection and distribution, gifts and flower delivery.

Contact: 0714 922 888, 0724 688 511.


7. Leonary Fast Delivery

The company runs errands such as grocery shopping, bank and post office errands, occassions emissary, queuing errands, dry cleaning, pick up and delivery in Nairobi and Mombasa.

Contact: 0705 414 141.

8. Upway Errands

Upway Errands is an errand and delivery service business that serves the Nairobi Metropolitan area. It offers laundry services, delivery services, grocery shopping and statutory payments.

Contact: 0798 308 042.

9. Brisk Errands

The company does both personal and business errands such as grocery shopping, gifts collection and parcel delivery.

Contact: 0723 665 552.

10. Ashara Errands

Ashara Errands gives you convenience by providing professional errand services including paying bills and collecting mails within Nairobi.

Contact: 0724 945 613.

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