List Of Best Facilities Management Companies In Kenya

This is a list of best facilities management companies in Kenya. The list focuses on renowned companies that offer an extensive range of facilities management services to all types of organisations.

Here is a list of the best facilities management companies in Kenya.

1. Bestcare Facilities Management Ltd

It is a dynamic company providing professional facilities management services to companies, households and all commercial establishments. The company’s services span cleaning, security, relocation, pest control, fumigation, errands, gardening and landscaping.

Contacts: 0725 548 383, 0722 566 999.


2. Gem Properties

Gem Properties offers a variety of facilities management, building maintenance and repair services. The company offers mobile maintenance for smaller sites and on-site commercial property maintenance for large properties such as commercial high rise buildings, corporate campuses, data centres, airports and college campuses.

Contacts: 0759 964 414, 020 428 9504.


3. Hurricane Services Ltd

It is a registered business in Kenya that specializes in providing key support and administration services to all types of organisations. The company provides professional building maintenance services, cleaning, general maintenance, waste disposal, supply of personnel and pest control services.

Location: Leomar Court, 45 Westlands Road, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0737 883 000, 020 232 9659.

4. Introfix Property Maintenance Services

The company offers professional solutions to your property maintenance needs. They tackle a variety of building and maintenance related needs with confidence and without compromise, be it in an office, retail outlet, health facility, fitness centre or school.

Contact: 0702 009 430.


5. Broll Kenya

It is a property services company that offers a range of property management and maintenance services, facilities management, asset management, corporate real estate services, retail leasing and office leasing.

Location: 6th Floor, Fedha Plaza, Mpaka Road, Westlands, Nairobi.

Contact: 0712 668 448

6. Famio Home & Office Maintenance

The company is committed to meet every single need when it comes to your facilities management, general maintenance and renovations services. They provide a range of facilities maintenance services such as cleaning, general contracting, plumbing, pest control and renovations.

Contacts: 0718 052 042, 0762 384 355.


7. Suraya Facilities Management

It offers a range of facilities management services such as repairs and maintenance of shared facilities within a property, lift maintenance, pest control, security lighting, access control, sewer system operation management, street parking and maintenance.

Contacts: 0712 219 106, 0716 852 554.


8. Depriss Group

The company provides specialised facilities management services that emphasize streamlining processes, employing technology, hiring talented and multi-skilled personnel and continuously improving services by investing in innovation.

Contacts: 0715 392 224, 0739 669 914.


9. SGS Kenya

SGS is one of the trusted world leaders in facilities management and inspections. They offer unrivalled experience, professionalism, expertise and accreditations. They are the first choice for clients that need trusted facilities management and inspections all over the world.

Contacts: 0709 633 000, 020 273 3690.

10. GNA Real Estate

The company provides clients with integrated facilities management solutions, with levels benchmarked to international best practices in facility management. They provide services such as building maintenance, corrective maintenance, fabric maintenance service, repairs and normal maintenance, waste disposal management and pest control management.

Contacts: 0712 406 060, 0728 772 624.


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