List Of Best Fish Farms In Kenya

This is a list of the best fish farms in Kenya. Fish farms are places where fish are bred for commercial purposes. Most of the fish farms in Kenya raise Nile tilapia and African catfish.

Here is a list of the best fish farms in Kenya

1. Victory Farms Kenya

Victory Farm is Sub-saharan Africa’s fastest-growing fish farm. It is the largest producer of fish in East Africa with a mission to feed 2 billion Africans over the next two decades. The main fish farm is located in Homabay, with over 50 branches located in different parts of the country.

Contacts: 0727 481 280, 0797 736 164.

2. Blue Marine Fisheries Kenya

Blue Marine Fisheries is a fish farm that breeds Nile tilapia and delivers fresh fish countrywide.

Location: Wangige.

Contact: 0794 135 387.

3. Rio Fish

Rio Fish is a social enterprise that provides a consistent supply of nutrient-rich fish as well as a stable livelihood for fish farmers in Kenya.

Location: Rongo- Homabay Road.

Contact: 0700 938 040.

4. Mwea Aquafish Farm

Mwea Aquafish Farm is a model fish farm where Nile tilapia and African catfish are raised in earthen liner ponds and concrete tanks.

Location: Wanguru, Kirinyaga County.

Contact: 0768 480 505.

5. Jewlet Fish Farm

Jewlet Fish Farm is one of the largest catfish and tilapia fingerling producers in Kenya. The farm has a total of 53 fish ponds and 3 water reservoirs that ensure production of quality fingerlings as well as table size fish.

Location: Kendu Bay.

Contacts: 0722 958 594, 0720 352 997.

6. Jambo Fish

Jambo Fish is an aquaculture company that focuses on African catfish and natural male tilapia fingerling production.

Location: Mumias, Kakamega County.

Contact: 0708 906 507.

7. Njoro Fish Farm

Njoro Fish Farm is one of the best fish farms in Kenya where you can source for fresh tilapia and tilapia fingerlings.

Location: Along Njoro- Ngewa Road, Ruaka.

Contact: 0725 332 748.

8. Kamuthanga Fish Farm

Kamuthanga Fish Farm is known for supplying fresh fish, quality fingerlings and fish feed.

Location: Machakos County.

Contact: 0722 522 169.

9. Kalimoni Fish Farm

Kalimoni Fish Farm raises Nile tilapia, African catfish and ornamental fish.

Location: Kenyatta Road, Juja.

Contact: 0707 515 637.

10. Pwani Fish Farm & Hatchery

The farm breeds and sells fresh fish fingerlings i.e tilapia, catfish and ornamental fish.

Location: Mombasa.

Contact: 0721 273 583.

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