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List Of Best French Restaurants In Nairobi

This is a list of the best French restaurants in Nairobi. The list focuses on signature restaurants that offer a dizzying variety of classical French cuisines.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best French restaurants in Nairobi.

1. Five Senses Restaurant

Five Senses is a family-run French fine dining restaurant serving delightful plates of food in the nature of haute cuisine.

Location: Galana Plaza Building, 2nd Floor, Kilimani.

Contact: 0733 274 375, 0743 274 355.

2. Le Grenier a Pain

Le Grenier a Pain is a French bakery chain that is famous for its traditional crusty baguette. It is the best French bakery and restaurant in Nairobi.

Location: 9 Riverside Drive and Warwick Centre.

Contact: 0799 848 119.

3. Lord Erroll- Gourmet Restaurant

It is the premier French and gourmet restaurant in East Africa, offering a delightful array of alfresco seating areas to choose from.

Location: Ruaka Road, Runda.

Contact: 0721 920 820.

4. La Belle Epoque Restaurant

La Belle Epoque is a French restaurant with a modest menu selection. The restaurant opens daily from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm.

Location: Alliance Francaise.

Contact: 0746 440 510.

5. Alan Bobbe’s Bistro

It is a charming restaurant offering excellent French and European cuisine. It is the French bistro in Nairobi and has been in operation since 1962.

Location: Rhapta Road, Westlands.

Contact: 020 425 2000.

6. D1 Cafe

D1 Cafe is a quietly luxurious French eatery and bar set in Nairobi’s leafy neighbourhood of Spring Valley. It offers a wide selection of French dishes.

Contact: 0790 888 484.

7. Chez Sonia

Chez Sonia is the perfect place to embody the energy of Nairobi with a laid back atmosphere and a relaxed approach to good food and wine. The restaurant offers the best French- Italian style tapas and a variety of mouth-watering European dishes.

Location: 68 Peponi Road.

Contact: 0702 363666

8. Nabo Bistro

Nabo Bistro is a casual dining restaurant that is well known for French cuisine. It provides customers with an opportunity to experience a fusion of classical French and bistro-style food.

Location: Ole Nguruone Road, Lavington.

Contact: 0794 583 771.

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