List of Best Gas and Electric Cookers in Kenya

Gone are the days when technology was so young. Like every other thing, cooking too was a much slower process them days. The struggle to wait for several hours for your favorite dish to be ready was something that many hated, however with the advancement of technology nowadays we have cookers.

All the four brand below have :

  • Don’t stain easily
  • Have both gas and electric burners
  • Sustain heavy duty cooking
  • Durable control knobs

Below are some of the Best Cooker Brands In Kenya. 

1. Ariston 

This is the best cooker I have used. The heat is evenly distributed throughout the oven space. It heats up quickly and the time shown in recipes is always spot on. Ariston controls are also easy to use and the trays move smoothly. On top of that its easy to clean.

2. Beko

This is another cooker which I can say is a good value for your money. They have light double ovens which can be very useful in cooking. Beko cookers also have good grill pans. Above all they are easy to clean!

3. Elba 

Overall very good. Big oven, good burners, easy to clean.  Personally, I found out that it is more efficient when its grill rack is taken out during oven cooking.

4. Bompani

This another high quality Italy made cooker you can have in your kitchen. Its easy to clean, good controls, heats up quickly, high-powered burners and got a large surface area for cooking. I can recommend it to you!

Victor Matara

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