List Of Best Girl Bands Ever In Kenya

Kenya’s has a rich music history but one has to really scratch his heads to find an all-girl group that has been intact for a while.

Several all-boys bands have successfully thrived the waves and even broken into the international arena. Some of such groups are Kleptomaniacs, P Unit, Sauti Sol, Deux Vultures, Kelele Takatifu, Christ Cycos, Amos and Josh, Gospel Fathers and  Kymo &Stigah.
Other bands; girl-boy bands are Recapp, Adawanage, Necessary Noize, Camp Mulla and Elani.
Some other bands mentioned above have broken apart while other have remained intact.
As you have vividly seen, girls only bands have not been mentioned, not that they are not there but because they are very few who have broken into the mainstream media or even managed to remain intact for long.
Today we decided to look at girls only bands that broke into mainstream media and caused ripples in the music industry.

1. Tattu
Tattu, the band of three (Angela, Debbie Asila and Shinde) was popular back in 2002-2003 for their hit songs such as Teso, Songea, Yu Wapi and Daima.
The all-girl trio were arguably the best female music group back then until they went separate ways.

2. Band Beca
Band BeCa is an all female band of two immensely talented singers, Becky Sangolo and Carol Kamweru and the band’s name was derived from the first two letters of the members.
Beca are arguably the best all all girl band in Kenya at the moment.
Their hits like Brathe ,Toka and Tonight put this gorgeous girls on the limelight and they have ever recorded at The Coke Studio.

3. Linda254
Popularly know as Linda,  Linda254 is an all-girl group composed of three vocally gifted queens with flawless abilities to both sing their hearts out. It’s name can be loosely translated to Protect Kenya.
Members of the band are Beryl, Rae and Alexis. Their major hits are Penzi tamu, a rendition of American award winning singer songwriter Brandy’s hit “Baby” and Ushawahi (Hela Hela Hey)

4. The Moipei Sisters
Moipei Quartet is a gospel musical band that consist of triplets Mary Moipei, Martha Moipei, Magdaline Moipei and a sister Seraphine Settoon Moipei. This sisters were picked by UNICEF as ambassadors at the age of 12 and 10 respectively making them the first UNICEF child Ambassadors in Kenya. They have performed for the great and mighty all over the world and some of their songs are Amazing Grace, Ashe Naleng, Enkai Ai, Ave Maria, Country Roads, Kokoliko, Malaika, Nakuapia Yesu, O Holy Night, Panis Angelicus, Pie Jesu, From “Requim Mass”, Pole Musa, The Day Thou Gavest Lord is Ended, The Little Brown Church in the Vale and Veni Sanctus just to name a few.

5. KIU
Kiu is an all girl band comprising of Rosa Nkatha, Tracy Barkhita and Pauline Ayuko who have been in the entertainment arena for almost four years now.
They have not been recording but do live shows and that’s why you dont hear alot from them.

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