List Of Best Hair Salons In Nairobi

We all like our hair perfectly done, a pedicure or manicure once in a while to at least look presentable. Many people have turned this demand into a lucrative business and are reaping big.

Hair salons are a big deal as even celebrities or public figures need to enhance their looks before their fans like doing their hair and stuff, wedding bridesmaids and the bride are frequent visitors here, the common public obviously visits hair salons too.
Below are some of the best salons in the country where you will get the best out of your money.

1.Kurls & Kuts Beauty Salon

Location: Old Nation building, 1st-floor Room A30

Contacts : 0711 965 239 / 0710 507 446

Website :

2. L’Africaine Hair Salon

3.African Royalty Salon

4.Afro Siri Salon

5.Farouk Hair salon

6.Ashley’s Hair and Beauty Salon

7.Rennee Beauty Salon

8.Amadiva Beauty

9.StylePro Salon and Spa

10.Posh Palace

11.Jeff the master Beauty

12.The Ultimate Look Barber and Salon

John Nyabuto

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