List Of Best Homes For The Elderly In Kenya

This is a list of the best homes for the elderly in Kenya. Elderly homes provide compassion and care to ‘senior citizens’ or the aged who require assistance in one way or another. Most of the elderly homes in Kenya provide comfort and care for the elderly who have been abandoned by their kin or have no living kin.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best homes for the elderly in Kenya

1. Nyumba Ya Wazee (Little Sisters of the Poor)

Nyumba Ya Wazee is run by the Little e of the Poor. It has been in existence since 1985. It provides compassion, respect and care for the elderly. It currently hosts 72 elderly people ranging from 72 to 106 years.

Location: Thika Road, Opposite Kasarani Sports Complex.

Contacts: 0721 425 670/ 0729 676 153.

2. Mama Africa Home For The Elderly

The home was started in 2017 to care for the elderly with no living kin and those who have been abandoned by their kin. At the centre, they feel loved and get 24 hours attention that they so badly need.

Location: Meru.

Contacts: 0722 145 838/ 0718 909 162.

3. Rosewood Retirement Home

Rosewood Retirement Home is one of the best elderly homes in Kenya. It offers assisted living and skilled nursing services for aging adults.

Location: Karen, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0706 362 985/ 0711 441 467.

4. SJ Remedial Homes For The Elderly

SJ Remedial is a pioneering care home for the elderly in Kenya. It is a great private institution that provides exceptional nursing care for the elderly.

Location: Lower Kabete.

Contact: 0720 847 730.

5. Thogoto Home For The Aged

It is a home for the senior citizens who have either been abandoned by relatives or don’t have families.

Location: Kikuyu.

Contact: 0723 841 234.

6. Fourshift Care Centre For The Elderly

The centres mission is to make sure that the elderly in our society are well taken care of, by giving them a place to call home.

Location: Karura, Kiambu County.

Contact: 0720 847 730.

7. Chesire Home For The Elderly

It is a christian based place that offers a safe and reliable home for the elderly. Its primary focus is the care of destitute, frail and vulnerable elderly people.

Location: Kariobangi, Nairobi.

Contact: 0725 507 828.

8. Fairseat Foundation

Fairseat Foundation caters to those who don’t require full-time medical attention. Residents retain privacy and independence. Limited nursing care is provided and immediate help is always available.

Location: 9 Lone Tree Estate, Rosslyn, Village Market.

Contacts: 0701 719 440/ 0735 503 440.

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