List Of Best Homeschooling Services Providers In Kenya

This is a list of the best homeschooling service providers in Kenya. Homeschooling is gaining popularity in Kenya day by day. It is a model of schooling where a learner or child receives education at home without necessarily having to attend a school or traditional classes. For the best results, you need to seek services from experts who offer exceptional homeschooling services.

In No Particular Order, Here is a list of the best homeschooling service providers in Kenya.

1. Laxicalculas Home Schooling & Tuition Centre

Laxicalculas offers student-centred homeschooling education that challenges students to perform at their highest potential. They provide high-quality homeschooling and tutoring services for all curriculums i.e IGCSE, KCSE, GCSE, EDEXCEL, ICSE, CBSE, America, IB, and 8-4-4. Subjects taught include: Mathematics, English, Kiswahili, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, CRE, History, Computer, Business, Agriculture, pure maths, applied maths, Actuarial and statistics. The school also teaches local and foreign languages such as German and French.

Laxicalculas homeschooling services can be delivered physically and virtually according to the client’s desires.

Contacts: 0769 914 169



Location: Along Syokimau – Katani Road, Next to Syokimau Health Centre, Nairobi.

Caplora HomeSchool is a hybrid school that offers Cambridge British Curriculum from grade 1- A levels in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The school’s curriculum incorporates -STEM education(Science, Technology, Arts and Maths) – Outdoor learning and Sports – Career education. In case you need to switch to International Curriculum , Caplora will assist you!
Phone: 0711 359 720
Location: 90 JGO, James Gichuru Road, Nairobi

3. Sunrise Home Schooling

Sunrise Home Schooling offers quality homeschooling services that are fully compliant with the curriculums in Kenya, 8-4-4, 2-6-3-2, IGCSE and ACE. It provides a quality, rigorous education while taking into account each individual student’s learning style.

Contacts: 0704 007 008, 0706 007 008.


4. Home School 254 

Home School 254 is the most established, selective and over-subscribed online-based school in Kenya offering a British homeschooling programme. It offers a full and balanced British curriculum.

Contact: 0791 812 596.

5. Nairobi Home School

Nairobi Home School offers one on one detailed learning, professional homeschool and tuition services. They conduct lessons any time of the day and are available any day of the week for children and adults from diverse cultures.

Contacts: 0722 866 977, 0722 114 098.

6. Accelus Centre

Accelus Centre offers professional homeschooling services, full-time & part-time individualised tuition in all subject areas and curriculums recognised in Kenya.

Contacts: 0772 356 122, 0733 873 145.


7. Skyward Tuition Centre

The centre addresses the needs of students who do homeschooling and those who require extra tuition after school, on the weekends and during holidays. Students are guaranteed one on one tutoring sessions with experienced tutors.

Contact: 0700 380 399.


8. Home School Africa

Home School Africa provides flexible and affordable homeschooling in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu and other major towns in Kenya.

Contact: 0717 877 818.


9. Preswin Home Tuition

Preswin is Nairobi’s leading pioneer when it comes to home tuition. It comprises a team of excellent, qualified and highly professional tutors who are experienced in providing private personalised home-based tuition. They offer IGCSE, 8-4-4 primary and secondary, Edxel American and British systems of education.

Contact: 0723 419 853.


10. Shrine’s Home School & Tuition Centre

It is an ultra-modern school offering both local and international curriculums. It offers homeschooling services, holiday tuition, adult education and special needs education.

Contact: 0723 957 703.

11. Outstanding Outcomes Home Tuition

It has been a premium provider of homeschooling and remedial tuition services in Kenya since 2010. It offers learning solutions for every level of education in the country.

Contact: 0722 499 077.


12. Joy Home School

Joy Home School is a professional home school and tuition centre that offers exceptional education that covers Kenyan, British and American curriculums.

Contact: 0710 692 228.

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