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List Of Best Horse Riding Places In Nairobi

This is a list of the best horse riding places in Nairobi. The list focuses on perfect places where horse and pony lovers can visit for horse riding adventures, tours and riding lessons.

Here is a list of the best horse riding places in Nairobi.

1. Malo Stables Kenya

Malo Stables offers the best horse riding tour of Nairobi, where you enjoy picturesque views of the famous Ngong Hills as you ride from Karen into Dagoretti Forest. They also offer professional training on horse riding, techniques in the discipline of dressage, showjumping and eventing.

Contact: 0704 494 464.

2. New Muthaiga Horse Riding Stables

They offer horse trips and horseback riding lessons for both adults and children at affordable costs.

Contact: 0721 421 728.

3. Hardy Stud Horse Riding

This is one of the best places to visit for horseback riding and riding lessons offered by professional and welcoming instructors.

Contact: 0722 762 136.

4. Karen Riding  Stables

All horse riding disciplines are available a the Karen Riding Stables.

Contact: 0736 859 557.

5. Xina Horse Riding School & Stables

They offer horse riding lessons and adventures for adults and children. The stables are open Tuesday to Sunday including public holidays.

Location: Kiambu Road.

Contact: 0737 030 664.

6. Achis Ranch & Horse Riding Club

Achis Ranch offers horse riding excursions including taking an excursion into the Ngong Forest to experience an unforgettable adventure.

Location: 2 Kilometres off Lang’ata Road.

Contact: 0724 932 279.

7. Forward Equestrian Centre

They offer horse riding and riding lessons for adults and children.

Contact: 0769 126 714.

8. Tigoni Horse Trails

Tigoni Horse Trail is located outside Nairobi but not very far from the capital city. You can visit the place to ride quality, family-owned horses and enjoy the tranquil surroundings that Tigoni has to offer. They also offer one on one riding lessons for novice riders upwards.

Contact: 0733 333 331.

Email: info@tigonihorsetrails.com.

9. Kitisuru Riding Stables

They offer horse riding adventures and lessons that are friendly for all ages, be it, adults or children.

Contact: 0729 609 071.

Email: kitisuru.riding@gmail.com.

10. Ngong Racecourse

Ngong Racecourse is managed by the Jockey Club of Kenya. It is a wonderful destination for horse riding and watching horse races.

Contact: 0722 414 598.

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