List Of Best Insulation Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best insulation companies in Kenya. The list mainly focuses on renowned manufacturers, suppliers and installers of a range of insulation material such as roof insulation, wall insulation, hot pipe insulation, thermal and sound insulation materials.

Here is a list of the best insulation companies in Kenya.

1. Insulation Materials Kenya

Insulation Materials Kenya offers a vast range of quality insulation products from leading manufacturers. They offer customers the latest and innovative insulation products from established brand names.

Contact: +254 0110 048 567.


2. Insulation World Kenya Limited

They supply all types of insulation materials ranging from ceramic fiber products, rockwool, fiber glasswool blankets, polyethelane foam, styrofoam and armaflex products.

Contact: 0722 401 175.

3. Jumbo Chem Kenya Ltd

Jumbo Chem Kenya offers a wide variety of insulation materials in Kenya. The insulation materials range from roof insulation, sound proofing, container insulation, wall insulation, pipe lagging, duct wrap lagging, damp proof membrane to packaging solutions.

Contacts: 0786 210 251, 0788 725 081.

4. Kenworks Ventures Company Limited

The company offers a range of insulation materials that can be used to insulate floors, walls and ceilings.

Location: Along Jogoo Road, Next to Rikana Supermarket, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0722 706 416, 0720 119 668.


5. Kingsman Engineering Works

It is one of the leading companies in acoustic and thermal insulation sector in East Africa. They supply and market thermal and sound insulating materials within the Kenyan market and across the borders.

Contacts: 0722 209 507, 0720 847 049.


6. Soundproofing Company Kenya

The company manufactures and imports high quality insulation materials for walls, ceilings and floors.

Contact: 0703 973 410.


7. Prime Aluminium Casements Limited

Head Office Location: Alpha Centre Unit, Mombasa Road.

Contacts: 0722 232 865, 0772 671 568.


8. Citizen Cooling Solutions

They supply all types of insulation materials within the Kenyan market and across the borders. They also do insulation and lagging on both cold and hot applications for steam, cold rooms and power industry with major specialization on boilers, steam pipes among other steam equipment.

Contacts: 0724 381 416, 0724 381 421.


9. Gypsum Ceiling Supplies Limited

The company supplies insulation materials such as rockwool, glasswool, polyethylene foam, roof sisalation, thermal insulation foam, acoustic panels and AMF star acoustic ceiling.

Contacts: 0705 718 085, 0711 132 035.

10. SHEP Engineering Ltd

SHEP Engineering supplies and installs insulation materials for both industrial and residential processes.

Contacts: 0774 741 847, 0721 876 252.


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