List Of Best Islamic Secondary Schools In Kenya

This is a list of the best Islamic secondary schools in Kenya. There are several top-performing Islamic secondary schools in the country. Most of the schools offer an integrated Islamic curriculum/ studies & secular curriculum and admit both Muslims and non-muslims.

Here is a list of the best Islamic secondary schools in Kenya

1. Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Secondary & Tech. School

Established in 1985, Sheikh Khalifa is one of the best secondary schools in Kenya. It is located along the Mombasa-Malindi Road in Mombasa County. In the 2021 KCSE results, the school recorded a stellar mean score of  9.1.

Contact: 020 2332240

2. Wamy High School

Wamy High School is among the best-performing Muslim boys’ schools in Kenya. It was established in a bid to provide Muslims with access to education at different levels.

Location: Viwandani- Mombasa Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0792 717 082.

3. Qubaa Muslim School

The school opened its doors in 1987. It is geared toward offering quality education to all Muslim children for ultimate academic excellence.

Location: Lumumba Road, Opposite Jela Baridi, Mombasa.

Contact: 0722 836 683.

4. Alim High School

Alim High School has continued to hold its top position as the top school in Machakos County. This sterling performance can be attributed to the discipline and hard work of students and teachers.

Location: Off Nairobi- Mombasa Highway, Towards Machakos Town.

Contact: 0701 325 464, 0738 204 055.

5. Al Maktoum Girls Secondary School

The school opened its doors in 2003 with an enrollment of 50 students and 6 teachers. Over the years, it has grown both in size and name. It currently boasts boarding facilities and regional dominance in academics and co-curricular activities.

Location: Kajiado Town.

Contact: 0706 505 307.

6. Bayinah Academy

Bayinah Academy is an Islamic integrated school that offers a British curriculum as well as Islamic education, tailored to meet the needs of students hence making them all-rounded.

Location: Intersection of 1st Parklands Avenue and Maratha Road, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0712 222 244, 0762 686 418.

7. Deenway International School

It is an integrated learning centre offering holistic Islamic studies and a British curriculum, with the objective of shaping and moulding future generations to be progressive.

Location: Beach Road, Nyali.

Contact: 0722 538 007, 0784 105 552.

8. Kenya Muslim Academy

It is a private primary and secondary school admitting both Muslims and non-muslims. The school is committed to fostering the religious and moral values of learners.

Location: Kariobangi, Outering Ring Road, Nairobi.

Contact: 0103 982 819.

9. Munawar Muslim Academy

It is a mixed-day and boarding secondary school that runs a fully integrated system by providing holistic educational development for all students.

Location: Kitale.

Contact: 0711 614 680.

11. Maahad Academy

Maahad Academy is a fully accredited Islamic girls’ secondary school that strives to prepare students to succeed in a changing and diverse world by providing them with a safe and healthy environment for learning.

Location: Opposite Pangani Shopping Centre, Nairobi.

Contact: 0728 971 376, 0701 953 059.

12. Tesla School

Tesla School is an Islamic-oriented boys boarding school offering both 8-4-4 and IGCSE curriculums.

Location: Tigoni, Limuru.

Contact: 0703 902 988.

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