List Of Best Kids Savings Accounts In Kenya

This is a list of the best kids savings accounts in Kenya. Kids savings accounts offer avenues for parents to save for the future of their children/kids. Such accounts may ease parents from financial burdens that may arise in future due to reasons such as payment of school fees and other basic necessities.

Here is a list of the best kids savings accounts in Kenya.

1. KCB Cub Account

KCB Cub Account enables you to save for the future you dream of for your little one. Interest earned is up to 5% on savings p.a. No monthly fees are charged on this account.


  • Kenyan ID/Passport of the parent/guardian.
  • Quality passport photo of the parent/guardian.
  • Child’s birth certificate.
  • Opening balance of Kshs 1000.

2. Standard Chartered Bank Safari Savings Junior Account

Standard Chartered Bank offers convenient and secure junior savings account that is affordable to open with as low as Kshs 2000. This account offers free withdrawals, free estatements and quarterly interest. Interest offered will vary from time to time subject to the applicable law.


  • Provide the child’s birth certificate.
  • Original/copy of ID or passport of a parent or legal guardian.
  • One passport size photograph.

3. HF Group Junior Treasure Account

This is a children’s savings account designed to allow parents and guardians to save for their children.


  • Free deposits.
  • No account maintenance fee.
  • Amounts of Kshs 5,000 and above start earning attractive tiered interest.
  • 1 free bankers cheque per quarter.
  • 1 withdrawal per quarter.
  • Free treasure piggy house for savings at home.
  • Annual treasure fun-days.
  • Access to insurance solutions.


  • ID card and two recent passport size photographs of parents/guardians.
  • KRA PIN certificate of parent/guardian.
  • A copy of the child’s birth certificate.

4. Vision Savings Account- National Bank of Kenya

The account’s attractive rates guarantee that this is the best savings account for kids.


  • Free withdrawal at your branch.
  • 5% interest rate per annum on savings.
  • Free banker’s cheque.
  • Minimum opening balance of Ksh 500.
  • Minimum operating balance of Ksh 500.


  • Original and copy of guardian’s ID/passport.
  • Birth certificate/notification of birth of child.
  • 1 passport photo of the guardian/parent.
  • PIN certificate of guardian/parent.
  • Proof of address/source of funds.

5. Junior Member Account- Equity Bank

This is an affordable and convenient account that offers financial literacy to students and is ideal for children below 18 years.


  • One withdrawal in every three months
  • Free cash deposits
  • No opening balance
  • No minimum operating balance.
  • Account shall fall dormant in one year but will not attract activation fee.
  • The account can be mapped to mobile banking.
  • Home bank provided upon depositing Kshs 1000 in the account.
  • Interest earning amount Kshs 10,000.


  • Parents/guardian original and copy of ID.
  • Original and photocopy of child’s birth certificate/birth notification.

6. Mdosi Junior Account- Family Bank

Mdosi Junior Account is an ideal option for children below 12 years of age and is operated by a parent or a guardian.


  • 3 free withdrawals per year.
  • Interest earning balance of only Kshs. 5,000.
  • Loans of up to 90% of the amount in the account.
  • No ledger fees charged.


  • Original and copy of parent/guardian’s ID or passport.
  • Original and copy of child’s birth certificate, birth notification, clinic card, baptism card.
  • Opening balance of Kshs 200 or Kshs 1,000 (for your child to start using Henry or Hannah Hippo Bank immediately).

7. NCBA Junior Savings Account

The account is free to open and a parent can give his/her kid a boost with free funds transfers from his/her NCBA account.


  • Minimum operating balance of Kshs 2,000.
  • Earn interests on amounts over Kshs 5,000.
  • Free transfer to your current account via online and mobile banking.
  • Unlimited credits from cash deposit, funds transfers and standing orders.
  • Free quarterly e-statements.
  • Credit interest is calculated daily and paid to the account on a quarterly basis.

8. Youngstar Account- ABC Bank

Youngstar Account is tailored to meet the needs of your child. With only Kshs 1,000, you can open a Youngstar Account for your child.


  • Opening and minimum balance of Kshs 1,000.
  • Free deposits to the account.
  • Free standing orders from any ABC bank account.
  • One free withdrawal per month.
  • Free e-statements.
  • Competitive interest earned.

9. Jumbo Junior Account- Co-operative Bank

This is a transactional account designed for children below the age of 18 years for the safekeeping of money.


  • Automatic membership to the Jumbo Junior Club which entitles one to free birthday card on child’s birthday anniversary and free ele-bank on opening a new account.
  • Discounted bank cheques for fees payment.
  • Interest payable at 3%.


  • Parent’s or guardian’s original ID and copy.
  • Copy of birth certificate of the child.
  • Minimum opening/operating balance of Kshs 500.
  • Debit card (optional) at Kshs 600.
  • Copy of KRA PIN.

10. Absa Junior Savings Account


  • Competitive interest rates starting from 7% interest per annum.
  • Access to fun and developmental activities centred on science, art, sports, travel and technology.
  • No charges.
  • Free piggy bank when you fund your Absa junior account.
  • Exclusive access to Absa junior partners with discounts and offers on events.
  • Access to education policies for long-term savings and medical insurance.


  • Original birth certificate or adoption papers if child is adopted.
  • Parent’s ID/Passport.
  • Parent’s KRA PIN.




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