List Of Best Leasing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best leasing companies in Kenya. The list focuses on companies that provide cost-effective leasing solutions for a wide range of assets such as vehicles, medical equipment, industrial equipment, office furniture and construction equipment.

Here is a list of the best leasing companies in Kenya.

1. Zohari Leasing

Zohari Leasing is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Centum Investment. The company specialises in consumer leasing, commercial vehicle leasing, farming equipment leasing, construction equipment leasing, business technology leasing and fit-outs leasing.

Contacts: 0709 902 000.


2. Rent Works East Africa Ltd

It is one of the leading independent leasing companies in Kenya with a proven ability to help businesses achieve their goals. The company offers a proven combination of asset intelligence, adept leadership and a rare understanding of both equipment and finance.

Contacts: 020 273 7006, 020 273 7120.

3. Vaell Leasing

They provide cost-effective leasing solutions that enable you to retain your liquidity, stay on the cutting edge of technology while still having the tools you need to get the job done.

Contact: 0731 440 832.


4. Elease Limited

Elease Limited provides unrivalled asset leasing frameworks and hire purchase deals to business clients for a wide range of products in different fields. They lease vehicles, office equipment, IT equipment, construction equipment, agricultural equipment and medical equipment.

Contact: 0717 755 855.


5. Capital Leasing

The company provides hire purchase and leasing frameworks for capital goods to business clients for a wide range products in different fields such as motor vehicle, IT equipment, machinery and equipment leasing.

Contact: 0722 000 000.


6. Star Rentals Ltd

They are a team of professionals with extensive experience in leasing and rental of vehicles and equipment such as warehousing, material handling, container handling, medical and screening equipment.

Contacts: 0728 970 760, 0722 205 004.


7. Rentco

Rentco is a solutions-oriented asset finance, logistics and insurance solutions partner for businesses of any sector, government and any other organisation. They offer leasing financing, working capital solutions, value chain financing, project financing and dedicated logistics.

Contact: 020 230 8948.


8. Rivieres Finance Limited

It is one of Kenya’s leading leasing companies offering a wide range of leasing solutions at attractive rates. They lease products such as IT equipment, vehicles, industrial machinery, medical equipment, office furniture and audiovisual equipment.

Contacts: 0780 540 156, 0790 540 156.


9. Avenue Car Hire & Leasing

It has been in the industry for over 44 years. It is the most reliable car hire and leasing company providing superior quality vehicles and consequently the best services in Kenya.

Contacts: 0722 827 440, 0733 609 649.


10. Quipbank Trust Limited

It is an equipment bank that offers vehicles and equipment rental and sales options, specialising in mining and construction equipment, agricultural equipment, automotive, trucks and trailers.

Contacts: 0700 055 762, 0782 843 045.

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