List Of Best Marketable D+ (Plus) Courses In Kenya

This is a list of the best marketable D+ courses in Kenya. With a D+, one can study certificate and technical courses in various fields. Most of the courses are best offered in TVETs.

Here is a list of the best marketable D+ courses in Kenya.

1. Certificate in Social Work and Community Development

This is a good course that is offered in most institutions of higher learning in the country. It equips one with the necessary skills and knowledge to work or participate in community development and solve social problems that may exist in the society or community. With the course, you can land good opportunities with NGOs.

2. Certificate in Electrical Installation/ Wiring

It is a very marketable course that equips you with skills to be self-employed or venture into employment, particularly working on electrical installation jobs.

3. Certificate in Building and Construction

This is more of a technical course that equips you with the relevant skills to successfully work in the lucrative construction industry. The course is best taught in TVETS.

4. Certificate in Food Technology/ Production

It is a marketable course that prepares one to work in the hospitality industry or in the food processing industry. There are a lot of hospitality schools located in the country. You can enrol in any and successfully study the course.

5. Certificate in Catering and Accommodation

This is also one of the best hospitality courses to study in the country. By studying the course, you gain skills to work in any sector of the hospitality industry.

6. Certificate in TV and Film Production

It is a good course, especially for those who are passionate about films and production, particularly the production of shows, whether commercial, TV or radio shows. You will never lack an opportunity to showcase your expertise, especially with the high rate at which TV and radio stations are being opened in the country.

7. Certificate in Nutrition and Dietetics

Nutrition and Dietetics is a very marketable field of study where you gain skills to work as a nutritionist and dietician. You can land good opportunities whether you are self-employed or employed in an organisation.

8. Certificate in Counseling Psychology

Counselling Psychology is a marketable field of study which involves training individuals to help manage emotional, and physical signs of distress or mental health issues, with the aim of improving the general well-being of affected individuals.

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