List Of Best Maternity Hospitals In Busia County

This is a list of best maternity hospitals in Busia County. Busia is one of the counties located in the Western region of Kenya. The county has several public and private health facilities that offer quality and affordable maternal services.

In no particular order, here is a list of best maternity hospitals in Busia County.

1. New Busia Maternity & Nursing Home

It is accredited by NHIF to offer free maternity services under the Linda Mama programme.

Location: Off Kisumu-Busia Road, Next to Bulanda Primary School

Contact: 0722 478 040

2. Busia County Referral Hospital

It is the biggest and most equipped public hospital in Busia County. The hospital offers reliable maternal services for normal and caesarean delivery.

Location: Busia Town

Contact: 0758 721 992

3. Alupe Sub County Hospital

Location: Along Busia- Malaba Road

Contact: 0792 671 444

4. Apex Hospital

It is a state of the art private hospital that offers quality maternal services, free of charge under the Linda Mama programme.

Location: Opposite Co-operative Bank, Malaba Town

Contact: 0712 980 035

5. Tanaka Nursing Home

Location: Along Kisumu-Busia Highway, Busia Town

Contact: 0705 952 930

6. Stirling Medical Centre

The medical centre offers inpatient and outpatient medical services, maternal care, laboratory tests, pharmacy, family planning and counselling services.

Location: Along Busia- Mumias Road

Contact: 0720 668 754

7. Pesi Medical Centre

Location: Next to Busia Baptist Church

Contact: 0721 244 511

8. Kocholiya Sub County Hospital

It is a level four government hospital that offers quality medical services such as maternity, pharmacy, family planning, laboratory tests, general consultations and counselling services.

Location: Teso North

9. Marachi Health Clinic

Location: Butula

Contacts: 0703 192 086, 0723 229 385

10. Amane Hospital

Location: Burumba Estate, 1.5 Km East of Busia CBD

Contacts: 0700 378 241, 0704 627 004

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