List Of Best Maternity Hospitals In Isiolo County

This is a list of best maternity hospitals in Isiolo County. The county is located in the upper Eastern region of Kenya. It is headed by Governor Mohammed Abdi Kuti.

In no particular order, here is a list of best maternity hospitals in Isiolo County.

1. MaterCare Maternity Hospital

It is a 30-bed capacity maternity hospital that was established in 2013 to provide maternal care to mothers in Isiolo County.

Location: Bulapesa

Contact: 0700 894 745

2. Galaxy Hospital

It is a private hospital that offers medical care services such as maternity, pharmacy, physiotherapy and general medical consultations.

Location: Isiolo Town

Contact: 0704 560 070

3. Iqra Medical Centre & Nursing Home

Location: Ibado Building, Along Isiolo-Marsabit Highway

Contact: 0721 254 444

4. Waso Medical & Nursing

This facility offers maternal, family planning, pharmacy and immunization services.

Location: Isiolo Town

Contact: +254 064 52395

5. Kulamawe Nursing Home

Location: Waso, Isiolo North

Contact: 0722 881 773

6. Isiolo County Referral Hospital

It is a public healthcare facility that is managed by the Isiolo County Government in conjunction with the National Government. The hospital offers 24-hour emergency and medical services.

Location: Isiolo Town

Contact: 0758 722 011

7. Isiolo County Nursing Home

Location: Isiolo Town

Contact: 0721 820 283

8. Mansile Hospital

Location: Hospital Road, Isiolo Town

Contact: 0701 174 525

9. Isiolo Medical Centre

Location: Wabera

Contact: 0729 536 775

10. Al Falah Medical Centre

It is a private healthcare centre that offers affordable and reliable maternal services, family planning, medical consultation, pharmacy and dental care.

Location: Bulapesa

Contact: 0728 952 274

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