List Of Best Maternity Hospitals In Kakamega County

This is a list of best maternity hospitals in Kakamega County. The list focuses on both public and private hospitals that offer quality, reliable and affordable maternal services to the residents of Kakamega County and beyond.

In no particular order, here is a list of best maternity hospitals in Kakamega County.

1. St Mary’s Hospital

It is a faith-based hospital that offers quality maternal services free of charge, under the Linda Mama programme.

Location: Mumias Town

Contact: 0723 927 231

2. St Elizabeth Mission Hospital

The mission hospital offers 24-hour emergency and medical care services in areas such as maternity, family planning, surgical operations, pharmacy, physiotherapy, dental care and laboratory diagnostics.

Location: Mukumu

Contact: 0742 220 818

3. Kakamega County General Teaching & Referral Hospital

It is the largest public health facility in Kakamega County. It offers a wide array of medical services such as maternal care, dental & optical care, radiology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, laboratory diagnostics, counselling, family planning, minor and major surgeries.

Location: Kakamega Town

Contact: 0758 721 989

4. Royal Gardens Hospital

This hospital offers comprehensive maternal care, dental & optical care, surgical operations, radiology, vaccinations and counselling services.

Location: Kakamega Town

Contact: 0774 266 557

5. Kakamega Central Nursing Home

Location: Sheywe, Near Kakamega Town

Contact: 0714 292 451

6. Nala Maternity & Nursing Home

Location: Muruli Road, Otiende Estate

Contact: 0722 379 425

7. St James Memorial Medical Clinic

The clinic offers free maternity services under the NHIF approved Linda Mama programme.

Location: Butere

Contact: 0720 740 717

8. Mwihila Mission Hospital

The hospital is approved by NHIF to offer free maternal services.

Location: Khwisero

Contact: 0713 828 3119

9. Jumuia Hospital

Location: Opposite Somken Petrol Station, Kakamega Town

Contact: 0719 232 337

10. Ahmadiyya Muslim Hospital

It is a faith based hospital that offers free maternal services under the Linda Mama programme.

Location: Shianda

Contact: 0786 152 005

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