List Of Best Maternity Hospitals In Lamu County

This is a list of best maternity hospitals in Lamu County. The county has a total of 42 health facilities comprising of 24 government-owned, 3 owned by faith-based organisations, 1 NGO owned and 14 private institutions.

In no particular order, here is a list of best maternity hospitals in Lamu County.

1. Ibnusina Nursing Home

The facility is approved by the National Hospital Insurance Fund (NHIF) to offer free maternity services.

Location: Lamu, Harambee Road

Contacts: 0721 447 985, 0721 907 742

2. King Fahd Lamu County Referral Hospital

It is a public hospital managed by the Lamu County Government. It offers exceptional healthcare services such as maternity, physiotherapy, surgical operations, radiology, general consultation, gynaecology and dental services.

Contact: 0779 783 888

3. Siha Hospital

The hospital offers affordable maternity services, physiotherapy, laboratory services, nutritional, counselling and immunization services.

Location: Along Lamu-Mpeketoni Highway

Contacts: 0714 933 270

4. Langoni Nursing Home

Location: Mpeketoni, Lamu West

Contacts: 0715 833 771, 0707 400 212

5. Mpeketoni Sub County Hospital

Location: Mpeketoni Town

Contact: 0743 615 114

6. Witu Health Centre

It is a government-owned health centre that offers basic maternal care, family planning, general consultation, lab tests and counselling services.

Location: Witu, Along Lamu-Mombasa Road

Contact: 0718 050 197

7. Faza Sub County Hospital

The facility is government-owned and offers 24 hour medical and emergency services.

Location: Lamu East

Contact: 0725 431 864

8. Hongwe Catholic Dispensary

It is a faith-based medical facility owned by the Kenya Episcopal Catholic Secretariat

Location: Hongwe

9. Shella Dispensary

It is a government-owned health facility located in Shela. The facility offers general medical treatment and consultation services.

10. Maria Teressa Nuzzo Health Centre

The facility is a faith-based health centre managed by the Kenya Episcopal Catholic secretariat. The centre offers general medical treatment services including maternal care.

Location: Baharini

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