List Of Best Maternity Hospitals In Makueni County

This is a list of best maternity hospitals in Makueni County. The county has several public and private health care facilities which offer affordable and exceptional maternity services. Some of the facilities offer free maternity services under the Linda Mama programme.

In no particular order, here is a list of best maternity hospitals in Makueni County.

1. Mother & Child Hospital

It is a public facility that offers aqua-birthing services and other health care solutions such as gynaecology, laboratory and pharmacy.

Location: Wote Town

2. Kikoko Mission Hospital

The hospital offers reliable maternity services, pharmacy, ultrasound, dental, family planning and laboratory services.

Location: Nunguni

Contact: 0734 499 291

3. Ponya Surgicals Nursing Home

Location: Wote Town

Contacts: 0710 364 107, 0728 416 997

4. Makindu Nursing Home

The facility offers maternity services, physiotherapy, laboratory diagnostics, family planning, surgical operations and counselling services.

Location: Makindu Town

Contact: 0726 869 359

5. Tumaini Maternity & Nursing Home

Location: Along Kibwezi-Kitui Road

Contact: 0704 209 393

6. Kilome Maternity & Nursing Home

Location: Along Nairobi-Mombasa Highway, Emali

Contacts: 0729 695 395, 0721 249 339

7. Makueni County Referral Hospital

It is a level 5 government hospital that offers free maternity services and other basic and general health care services such as pharmacy, surgical operations, physiotherapy, cancer treatment, gynaecology and radiology.

Location: Wote

8. Kibwezi Huruma Medical Clinic

Location: Along Kalimani Road, Kibwezi Town

Contact: 0721 576 783

9. Sikh Hospital Makindu

Location: Off Mombasa Road, Makindu

Contact: 0718 223 666

10. Rapha Makueni Nursing Home

It offers laboratory services, maternity, counselling, general consultation, pharmacy, immunization, family planning, dental and optical care.

Contact: 0711 507 937

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