List Of Best Maternity Hospitals In Nyandarua County

This is a list of best maternity hospitals in Nyandarua County. The county has 2 public hospitals, 26 health centres and 46 dispensaries, all managed by the Nyandarua County Government in conjunction with the National Government.

In no particular order, here is a list of best maternity hospitals in Nyandarua County.

1. Njabini Maternity & Nursing Home

It offers affordable and professional maternity services, pharmacy, family planning, home-based care and antenatal care.

Location: Njabini Town

2. JM Kariuki Memorial Hospital

It is the biggest public hospital in Nyandarua County. The hospital offers a wide range of health care services such as maternal care, surgical operations, pharmacy, cardiology, dental & optical care, radiology, laboratory diagnostics and counselling services.

Location: Ol Kalou

Contact: 0733 685 480

3. Engineer Level 4 Hospital

It is also a top public hospital that offers reliable inpatient and outpatient medical services including maternal care.

Location: Kinangop

Contact: 0721 170 217

4. North Kinangop Catholic Hospital 

It is a faith-based hospital that offers professional maternity services, laboratory examinations, radiography, dental care, optical care, endoscopy, pharmacy and ultrasound services.

Location: Kinangop

Contact: 0713 777 816

5. St Mathews And Sarah Dispensary

Location: Ol Kalou Town

Contact: 0733 391 297

6. Ol Joro Orok Health Centre

Location: Ol Joro Orok Town

Contact: 0715 119 502

7. Kipipiri Medical Centre

Location: Miharate, Kipipiri

Contact: 0727 868 273

8. Globe Medical Centre

Location: Ndaragwa Town

Contact: 0771 172 416

9. Ukweli Medical Clinic

Location: Oljororok

Contact: 0729 346 343

10. Fr Baldo Catholic Dispensary 

It is a faith based health facility that offers services such as maternal care, family planning, general consultation, immunization, pharmacy and counselling services.

Location: Ol Kalou

Contact: 020 232 4525

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