List Of Best Mattress Manufacturers In Kenya

This is a list of best mattress manufacturers in Kenya. The companies specifically manufacture durable and high-quality mattresses which are mainly produced using quality imported material.

Here is a list of reputable mattress manufacturers in Kenya.

1. Bobmil Industries Ltd

It is a top mattress manufacturing company which is focused on creating a unique shopping experience for the customer. The company is well known for its maharaja brand of mattresses.

Location: Along Mombasa Road, Nairobi

Contacts: 0704 555 222/ 0722 205 387


2. Dr Mattress

The company manufactures a wide range of mattresses and products such as; foam mattresses, pocket spring mattresses, bonnel spring matresses and nature mattresses.

Location: Ruiru

Contacts: 0715 303 030


3. Prime Mattress Ltd

It manufactures, sales,repairs and delivers mattresses, PVC carpets and tarpaulins.

Location: Timber Mill Road, Nakuru

Contacts: 0726 221 777/ 0700 854 087


 5.African Foam Limited 

It’s one of the largest manufacturers of quality foam in Kenya. It also has the latest foam production machines to produce the most contemporary designs of mattresses available in the market.

Location: Athi River, near Athi River Mining Company

Contacts: +254708 129 709 / +254703 611 500

4. Mekan East Africa Limited

It is a company that is committed to the manufacture of high quality orthopaedic and  Posturepedic mattresses. It also manufactures and delivers pillows, hotel textiles, headboards and bedside cabinets.

Contacts: +254 711 410 026/ 0737 550 025


6. Tuffoam Mattresses Ltd

It is the largest polyurethane foam mattress manufacturer in East Africa

Location: Mombasa Road, Athi River

Contacts: +254 0733 614 248/ +254 2020 23311

7. Superfoam Ltd

The company was established 35 years ago mainly to provide families, motor and the hospitality industries with a range of sleep solution products such as pillows and mattresses.

Location: Next to Prison Staff Training College Ruiru

Contacts: 0755 101 731/ 0720 600 969


8. Vitafoam Products Limited

Location: Mombasa Road

Contacts: +254 20 3589300/1/2,  +254 20 3540530


9. Slumberland Kenya Limited

Location: Kampala Road, Industrial Area, Nairobi

Contacts: 0722 204 310/ 0733 639 313


10. Foam Mattress Ltd

It is one of the biggest and oldest manufactures of foam mattresses, pillows, plastics and bags.

Location: Odera Street, Kisumu

Contacts: +254 738 098 736

Moko Limited

It manufactures firm, durable and heavy mattresses which are twice the density of normal heavy-duty mattresses.

Contacts: +254 708 708 823

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