List Of Best Mitumba Bales Dealers In Kenya

This is a list of the best mitumba bales dealers in Kenya. Mitumba (second hand clothes) business is one of the most profitable businesses to run in Kenya with little capital.

The business generates profit quickly especially ladies clothes. You can source for the clothes from renowned dealers in the country. Most of the dealers are located in Gikomba Market in Nairobi.

Here is a list of the best mitumba bales dealers in Kenya

1. Maria Mitumba Bales Wholesalers

They are genuine sellers of mitumba bales that are directly imported from UK, Canada and Australia. The bales contain kids clothes, shirts, pants, dresses, bedsheets and comforters.

Location: Orange House, Digo Road, Gikomba.

Contact: 0722 648 796.

2. Best Mitumba Bales

Best Mitumba Bales are genuine dealers who deliver quality second hand clothes from UK, Canada, Australia, China and USA. They do deliveries countrywide and beyond upon request.

Contact: 0724 852 215.

3. Premium Mitumba Bales

Premium Mitumba Bales is a second hand clothing store in Nairobi, offering wholesale prices for mitumba bales.

Location: Digo Road, Rummage Stalls, Opposite Kamukunji Sub-county Administration Block.

Contact: 0725 832 253.

4. Teddmak Mitumba Bales

Teddmak is Kenya’s most trusted grade A mitumba bales importer located in Nairobi, while delivering to all towns within Kenya and other neighbouring counties.

Location: Gikomba Market.

Contact: 0723 731 144.

5. Grade 1 Mitumba Bales

They are one best dealers of mitumba bales. They do deliveries countrywide at affordable costs.

Location: Mumbai Store, Gikomba.

Contact: 0727 801 892.

6. Mitumba Chap Chap Bales

They are renowned suppliers of mitumba bales, creme and first grade.

Location: The Princely Mall, Shop 12B, Next to MKU Towers, Nairobi.

Contact: 0703 228 885.

7. Ryan Kenya Mitumba Bales

Ryan Kenya Mitumba Bales are sellers of A grades of used clothing, used shoes, used accessories, used toys and store returns.

Location: Jamia Mall, Donholm, Nairobi.

Contact: 0700 015 141.

8. Kamukunji Mitumba Bales

They sell and deliver mitumba bales from China, UK, Canada, Korea and all parts of the globe.

Location: Digo Road, Gikomba Market.

Contact: 0794 840 818.

9. Kimeu’s Store Of Mitumba Bales

Kimeu’s Store offers the best collection of mitumba bales with best deliveries wherever you are countrywide.

Contact: 0723 731 144.

10. Sheez Mitumba Bales

Sheez Mitumba Bales are renowned sellers of quality UK, Canada, Australia, China and Scotland bales.

Location: Mumbai Building, Gikomba Market.

Contact: 0726 266 130.

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