List Of Best Motorcycle Riding Schools In Kenya

This is a list of the best motorcycle riding schools in Kenya. Many riders in Kenya have lost their lives through road accidents that could have been avoided. Most of the accidents are caused by human errors such as careless riding, disregard for road signs, riding without proper protective gear, required skills and necessary licences.

Therefore, any aspiring rider should consider enrolling at an accredited riding school to gain the necessary skills and experience before hitting the road.

Here is a list of the best motorcycle riding schools in Kenya.

1. Inked Biker Rider Training 

Inked Biker offers exceptional rider training courses: learn 2 ride course, which costs Kshs 15,000, returning riders course at Kshs 7,500 and the motorcycle competency standard course, which costs Kshs 3,000.

Contact: 0735 073 089, 0736 600 194.


2. Modern Rider Training (MRT)

MRT offers training to riders using different types of bikes, from scooters, dual-sport, off-road, street bikes and cruiser bikes. Other than practical lessons, MRT offers students all information they need to be safe riders on the road on their online portal.

Contact: 0792 639 125, 0721 620 761.


3. Tris Motorcycles

They have a full range of training courses to meet the needs of all riders. This includes keyboard rider e-course, noob training, ultimate riders, stunt riding, track riding, lady bikes and kids training.

Contact: 0711 847 481.


4. Marts Logistics Ltd

Marts Logistics offers a full range of training courses available to meet all riders’ needs. Course aspects involve riding skills enhancement, health & safety, bike maintenance, highway code, accident avoidance, hazard perception and roadcraft.

Contact: 020 224 9556, 0755 237 588.

5. Rhino Motorcycles Riders Ltd

They offer training about the endurance style of riding starting from beginner levels to getting you as race fit as you aspire to be. You learn skills that help you in tackling all sorts of obstacles that come with enduro riding.

Contact: 0781 958 548.


6. Glen Edmunds Advanced Driving School 

The school offers defensive rider lessons for motorcycle and Boda Boda riders. Defensive rider training is designed to reduce road fatalities and keep riders and passengers safe.

Contact: 020 237 9784.

7. 2X2 Motorcycle Riding School

Whether you are a first-time rider looking to enter the biking sport, an experienced rider looking to sharpen a particular riding discipline or fine-tune your skills, this is the place to be. 2X2 is an approved motorcycle training school offering you a range of motorbike training courses.

Contact: 0721 851 610.


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