List Of Best Nanny Agencies In Kenya

This is a list of the best nanny agencies in Kenya. Finding a perfect nanny can be a daunting task at times. One has to do a lot of background checks before ultimately settling for the most suitable nanny. It is very important to do due research before hiring a nanny. This helps to reduce any possible cases of theft and mistreatment of children by the nannies.

However, for those who may find this a cumbersome task, there are a lot of nanny agencies that can simplify the task for you by providing nannies at your convenience.

Here is a list of the best nanny agencies in Kenya.

1. Max Child Care Limited

Max Child Care is Kenya’s leading company in child care and home management. They provide nannies, domestic managers and other home personnel to families all over Kenya. They thrive to ensure that their nannies and domestic managers are well-vetted, reliable and dependable.

Contact: 0731 136 076.


2. Sashley Nannies Agency

This is one of Kenya’s leading agencies in child care, caregivers and home management. The agency is dedicated to providing unparalleled customer support, attention to detail, a streamlined referral process and expertise in domestic affairs.

Contacts: 0727 464 262, 0754 009 080.


3. Nanny Palace

Nanny Palace provides well-vetted, trained and experienced nannies, caregivers, special needs nannies, housekeepers and gardeners.

Contacts: 0718 953 216, 0741 945 515.


4. Wiz Nanny Agency

It is a leading company in child care and home management in Kenya. The company provides nannies, domestic managers and other home personnel to families. They provide professional and trained personnel who will assist you in your daily busy schedule.

Contact: 0745 355 984.


5. Better Help Maids Kenya

They provide skilled, professional and trustworthy maids who are well trained to perform residential and commercial cleaning to exceptional standards.

Contact: 0715 442 489.


6. Nani

Nani is a professional organisation focused on labour outsourcing, home cleaning, office cleaning and laundry services.

Contacts: 0728 606 606, 0717 613 242.


7. Nairobi Nanny

It is a renowned agency that provides house helps for full-time and part-time, live in or live out jobs, emergency situation nannies, experienced helpers and babysitters.

Contact: 0708 518 470.


8. Atekins Agencies

The agency provides all-around domestic assistants, nannies, nanny drivers, office cleaners, gardeners, office messengers, tea girls and professional caregivers.

Contact: 0722 730 251.

9. Auntie Sue House Help Agency

Location: Bottom Line Bar, Muratha Road, Waiyaki Way, Nairobi.

Contact: 0721 994 006.

10. Madam P Bureau

Madam P Bureau offers professional house helps who are well trained in-home care, child management, first aid and communication skills.

Contacts: 0722 151 191, 0722 517 531.

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