List Of Best Networking Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best networking companies in Kenya. Most organisations in Kenya use network to pass information or communicate with clients and employees. A good and efficient network is key for the day to day operations of any successful organisation.

It is very important for any organisation or business establishment to invest in networking systems. There are a lot of companies in Kenya that offer comprehensive networking solutions such as network cabling, phone systems, voice and telephone cabling, wireless networks and many more.

Here is a list of the best networking companies in Kenya.

1. Mart Network Solutions

The company was founded in 1996 and is one of the first networking distributors in Kenya. It focuses on IP converged network solutions on cabling infrastructure, enterprise advance networking, enterprise wireless, unified communication, access control and internet security.

Contacts: 0734 578 961, 0733 253 510.


2. Teledata Technologies

It is a leading ICT equipment and service provider in Kenya offering a one stop shop for networking infrastructure, power back ups, telephone systems, access control, time attendance management and many more.

Contact: 020 514 4311.


3. Vector Digital Systems

The company provides reliable services in all networking areas, including firewalls, switching, servers, storage and structured cabling. It offers solutions which cover the entire spectrum of modern data networking.

Contact: 0757 128 960.


4. IT Experts Solutions

IT Experts Solutions offers professional computer networking solutions such as structured cabling, wireless networks, fiber optics, wide area networks, top end wide area networking solutions and secured networks in Kenya.

Contacts: 0797 666 588, 0718 028 214.


5. Technoplanet Ltd

It is a structured cabling company with a networking team that ensures a reliable and efficient operation of network equipment, services and infrastructure.

Contacts: 0706 016 007, 0724 084 666.


6. Broadband Communication Networks Ltd

Broadband is a communication technology solutions provider whose objective is to provide communication network solutions for mobile network operators, fixed network operators, regulators, broadcasting houses and internet service providers.

Contacts: 0734 026 409, 0718 896 167.


7. Rittotech Kenya Solutions

It is a leading network cabling company offering networking services such as network cabling, cable management, LAN cable installation, wireless network, fast ethernet, voice and telephone cabling.

Contact: 0700 018 344.


8. Erideka Company Ltd

The company provides enterprise network design and implementation solutions for all businesses across all aspects, with expertise in Local Area Network, Wide Area Network, consulting design and implementation.

Contact: 0710 423 838.


9. Mtech Networks

Mtech Networks is a leading telecommunication, networking and security company offering installation in areas of VOIP, security and networking areas to make sure you stay on top of the business.

Contact: 0703 451 012.


10. Manage IT Africa

It is an African technology company that focuses on IT infrastructure, managed services, system integration, enterprise solutions and SAP, server and network management, mobile device management and IT modernisation.

Contact: 0707 855 866.


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