List Of Best Office Cleaning Companies In Nairobi

This is a list of best office cleaning companies in Nairobi. Office cleaning is one of the fundamental activities that any successful organisation should undertake on a daily basis. A clean office will always create a good first impression on your clients or visitors.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best office cleaning companies in Nairobi.

1. Hurricane Cleaning Services

Hurricane is a registered business that specialises in providing key support and administration services to all types of organisations since 2010. The company offers professional cleaning of offices, commercial and residential properties on one off or contractual service agreements.

Contacts: 020 232 9659, 0737 883 000.


2. Arrow Facilities Management

Arrow Facilities Management is recognised as one of the best office cleaning companies in Nairobi. It offers a full compliment of office cleaning services, from large corporations to small corporations. They offer exceptional services, with low rates and excellent customer service.

Contact: 0714 445 566.


3. Dale Cleancare Services Ltd

It is an experienced and cost-effective office cleaning company that provides professional office cleaning services and commercial cleaning to establishments all over Nairobi. The company delivers quality, affordable, efficient and reliable clients solutions.

Contact: 0725 712 083.


4. GM Cleaning Services

With over 10 years of experience in the cleaning industry, GM Cleaning ensures that you are always getting the best results for your cleaning needs. The company provides customised office cleaning services to businesses in Nairobi at affordable costs.

Contacts: 0721 979 781, 0731 593 377.


5. Bestcare Facilities Management

They have been offering quality and expert commercial and office cleaning services in Nairobi and throughout Kenya with over a decade of cleaning experience.

Contact: 0722 566 999.


6. Isamado Homecare

Isamado Homecare offers a range of office cleaning services such as office floor cleaning, office glass cleaning, office stairway cleaning, office carpet cleaning, vacuuming, office window cleaning, office kitchen cleaning, office toilet cleaning and many more.

Contacts: 0721 559 068, 0704 300 300.


7. Roan Cleaning Services Ltd

Roan Cleaning Services is your ideal and trusted cleaning services company, offering a range of cleaning services such as office cleaning, washroom cleaning, washroom cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning etc.

Contacts: 0788 888 748, 0722 848 277.

8. Parapet Cleaning Services

The company provides high quality commercial property and office cleaning services on a contractual and one off basis .

Contact: 0722 848 277.


9. Colnet Limited

Colnet Limited is a renowned cleaning company with a skilled team that offers thorough scheduled cleaning for office blocks and business establishments.

Contact: 0721 566 140.


10. Smart Touch Cleaning Services

It is an expert home and office cleaning service company with years of experience in the industry. It specifically offers excellent services and exceptional customer care service.

Contacts: 0720 242 385, 020 253 8634.


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