List Of Best Online Electronic Shops In Kenya

This is a list of best online electronic shops in Kenya. Most Kenyans are embracing online shopping as it is a fast and convenient means of sourcing for goods and services without necessarily moving from shop to shop to make purchases.

However, one major disadvantage with online shopping is the invasion of cons who have invaded the business and devised tactics of luring unsuspecting clients into their traps. Therefore it is important to do due research before engaging in any online business. It is also advisable to make payments for goods or items after delivery has been done.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best online electronic shops in Kenya.

1. Patabay Kenya

Patabay is one of Kenya’s best online store for different types of electronic and appliances such as TVs, woofers, home theatres, computers, laptops, printers, cookers and refrigerators. They do express delivery countrywide at a fee.

Contact: 0711 477 775.

2. Best Buy Kenya

Best Buy is a renowned online shop that offers a range of electronics, jewellery, laptops, smartphones and accessories. They do deliveries countrywide.

Contact: 0717 165 261.


3. Mobile Hub Kenya

Mobile Hub is an online shopping website that stocks genuine and high-quality electronics such as laptops, tablets, phones and televisions.

Contacts: 0722 974 623, 0714 600 500


4. Sweech

Sweech is one of Kenya’s most trusted online store for cheap and quality electronics and personal care products.

Contact: 0724 124 748.


5. Phones & Electronics Kenya

They are leading online suppliers of smartphones, tablets, laptops, TVs, cameras and home theatres at affordable prices. They do free delivery across the country.

Contact: 0720 129 432.

6. Shopit

Shopit is an online shopping site that offers a variety of electronics for sale. They stock desktop computers, laptops, printers, toner cartridges, scanners, phones, tablets, televisions and basic home appliances.

Contact: 0777 777 000.

7. Saruk Digital

Saruk Digital is a renowned online shopping site for electronics such as desktops, laptops, gaming and projectors, cameras, printers, scanners, phones, TVs and home theatres.

Contacts: 0729 417 694, 0790 239 055, 0731 380 798.


8. Smartworld Electronics

Smartworld is one of the best offline and online shopping site in Kenya, where you can buy home theatres, mobile phones, tablets, desktops and computer accessories.

Contact: 0718 794 014.

9. Nairobi Computer Shop

It is an online shop for computers and accessories, networking equipment, printers, scanners, toners, cartridges, mobiles and tablets.

Contact: 0724 139 588.

10. Almiria Tech Store

It is an online shopping site with a proven track record of trust, variety and affordable prices on matters relating to the sale of electronics, networking, telephone and computing equipment. They deliver to all towns in Kenya and also ship to Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan and Burundi.

Contact: 0700 449 778.


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