List Of Best Part Time Jobs In Kenya

This is a list of the best part-time jobs in Kenya. Due to tough economic conditions, a good number of Kenyans are seeking alternatives to supplement their income. Most people no longer rely on their full-time jobs to put food on the table. Many have ventured into part-time jobs or side hustles to boost what they get from their main jobs.

Here is a list of the best part-time jobs in Kenya.

List Of Best Part-Time Jobs In Kenya

1. Affiliate Marketing

This involves promoting businesses online by sharing links on social media pages and websites. You get paid once someone buys a product through the links you have shared. It is a good side hustle even though it takes time to reap fruits.

2. Freelancing

Freelancing is the most common and convenient part-time job here in Kenya. There are numerous opportunities for freelance writers. You can earn good fortune from online academic and article writing platforms, blogs or websites, right at the comfort of your home. All you need is good internet connectivity.

3. Tutoring

Tutoring is a very reliable part-time job as long as you have the relevant expertise. You can provide tutoring services based on your area of specialisation. This can be done online, through presentations or interactive sessions.

4. Transport/ Taxi Business

This is a very profitable side hustle especially if you have your own vehicle. You can join taxi-hailing apps such as Uber. To ensure your business picks up well put into consideration your communication and marketing skills. Remember that a happy and satisfied client will always seek your services and even refer his or her friends to you.

5. Online Surveys and Research Jobs

You can venture into doing online surveys and research jobs for companies on a part-time basis. Some of the online survey sites that offer such opportunities include Mobrog, Swagbucks, Survey Junkie and many more. Most of the survey sites pay in terms of points which can be redeemed as cash or gifts.

6. Vlogging

Youtube vlogging can be a good part-time job. You can make a good fortune from Youtube as long as you have enough subscribers, make quality videos and produce good content. You earn based on the advertisements displayed on your videos.

7. Social Media Expert

You don’t require any experience to be a social media expert. You will actually learn on the job as long as you spend most of your time on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. There are a lot of companies and prominent personalities looking for people to manage their social media pages. You simply get paid for managing their handles or pages.

8. Data Entry

Data entry jobs require one to be computer literate, have fast typing skills and excellent written communication skills. The jobs can be done at the comfort of your home. You can actually find data entry jobs on online sites such as Fiverr.

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