List Of Best Payment Service Providers In Kenya

This is a list of best payment service providers in Kenya. Payment service providers are generally tasked with the duty of connecting and integrating merchants, consumers, card brand networks and relevant financial institutions, to ensure a fast, efficient and secure payment process between the respective stakeholders.

Here is a list of some of the best payment service providers in Kenya.

1. M-Pesa

M-Pesa is undoubtedly the biggest mobile phone-based transfer and micro-financing platform, not only in Kenya but the whole of Africa. M-Pesa is a product of telecommunications giant, Safaricom. It allows users of all types to transfer, withdraw and pay for goods and services with a mobile phone. M-Pesa operates in Kenya and other countries such as Tanzania, Mozambique, Ghana, South Africa and Lesotho.

2. Pesapal

Pesapal provides a fast, safe and secure way for businesses and individuals to make and accept payments online and point of sale through the Sabi which is currently available in Kenya,  Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Zimbabwe and Zambia.

3. PayU

PayU is a leading online payment service provider that creates a secure and reliable payment process for merchants and buyers in Kenya and other select countries in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa.

4. iPay

It is an innovative payment processing and gateway provider in Africa. iPay incorporates all modes of payment. All the modes of payment are packaged into an online/ point of sale transaction system processing gateway that allows an individual to receive payments via a website or within a physical shop.

5. DPO

DPO is a Pan-African payment provider for online, offline and mobile payment processing in Kenya. They offer a safe and secure credit card processing platform that enables customers to shop online and pay in real-time using credit cards, mobile money and bank transfers.

6. Lipaspot

Lipaspot is a payment platform that offers cash and receipting services in Kenya, through the utilisation of Mobile POS technology, mobile, web/online applications.

7. Integrated Payment Services Ltd (IPSL) / PesaLink

IPSL was established in 2012 by the Kenya Bankers Association, to provide a fast, secure and efficient money transfer system by tapping into the latest technological trends in the market. It features a payment platform known as Pesalink that enables customers to send money to and from various banks and retail payment channels.

8. Jambo Pay 

Jambopay is an electronic payments platform that enables an individual to make and receive payments through the phone, bank, over the web and other modes of payment.

9. Popote Pay

Popote Pay is a payment disbursement company that allows an individual or business to make and manage payments digitally to till numbers, phones, both local and international banks.

10. Cellulant

Cellulant is Africa’s gateway to online and mobile payments in Africa. The company powers fast, secure, and seamless single-entry point for payments to businesses and individuals, through various modes of payment.

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