List Of Best Pet Shops In Nairobi

This is a list of the best pet shops in Nairobi. Pet shops generally sell pets, pet food, pet accessories and offer other pet-related services.

Here is a list of the best pet shops in Nairobi

1. Pet House Kenya

Pet House Kenya is an online pet store with a walk-in store in Kilimani. It was established with the aim of providing high-quality pet products and accessories at affordable prices.

Location: Komo Lane, Off Wood Avenue Road, Kilimani, Nairobi.

Contact: 0777 113 991.

2. Petstore Kenya

Petstore Kenya was born as a solution to a common problem for pet-friendly households in Kenya. It sells premium quality pet food, pets, supplements, grooming and tools.

Location: Mashiara Park, Off Kaptagat Road.

Contact: 0795 350 292.

3. Cutepets Kenya

It is a VIP pet shop offering the most affordable pet accessories in Kenya, collars, leashes, pet toys and so much more.

Location: Mfangano Trade Centre, Mfangano Street.

Contact: 0702 450 643.

4. Petzone

Petzone is an online pet food store in Kenya with a variety of pet supplies at affordable prices. At the store, you can shop for low prices on dogs, cats, aquatic and bird supplies.

Location: Mbandu Complex, Opposite Galleria.

Contact: 0745 700 700.

5. Petsasa Kenya

It is your number one pet store in Kenya for all your pet supplies needs. You can purchase pet food, pet toys and have them delivered to you.

Location: Parklands.

Contact: 0114 560 668.

6. The Royal Pets Store

It is a one-stop pet shop that prides itself on providing a uniquely safe and stress-free environment for pet lovers. You can shop for pet products and pet food with fast and reliable delivery on everything.

Location: Geoffrey Ruruti Road, 1st Avenue, Kahawa Sukari.

Contact: 0110 054 555.

7. Aquapet

With almost 15 years of service to pet parents, Aquapet is a leading pet speciality retailer that delivers good health and happy experience to pets and the people who love them. They have several branches located in different parts of Nairobi.

Contacts: 0738 849 706, 0713 208 623.

8. Trinkets Pet Store Kenya

Trinkets is your full babies haven for all your pet and animal needs.

Location: Shalom Green Estate, Muguga.

Contact: 0728 280 351.

9. Happy Paws Pet Store Kenya

Happy Paws is your one-stop online store in Nairobi for pets. At the store, you can buy food and accessories for dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and other pets.

Location: Elijah Wambugu Close, Off Muteero Ridge, Off Kerarapon Road.

Contacts: 0746 761 883, 0777 761 883.

10. Anicare Ltd

Anicare is a pet and garden care store that offers a full range of pet products and accessories such as per food and toys.

Location: Sarit Centre.

Contact: 0786 286 339.

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