List of Best Places for Cheap Shopping in Dubai

When we think of shopping in Dubai, The Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates and other opulent malls come to our mind. Though shopping at these places can be enjoyable, Dubai has a wide variety of markets which many shoppers don’t consider as their primary shopping destination. Interestingly, most of these markets sell wares at affordable prices.

These places below promise a stellar experience and a taste of the city that you just can’t miss.

Best places for shopping Electronics

1. Baniyas Square, Deira.

This is the heart of old Dubai, and has a large selection of stand alone electronics stores and a significant wholesale and retail mobile phone market. Great visit if you’re a tourist, want to be able to bargain and it isn’t summer (trust us, it’s better indoors!)

2.  Al Ain Centre

If you’re looking for IT related stuff. You can also find a few stores stocking Apple products at competitive prices. Note that some of the stuff sold here do not carry local warranties. Be sure to ask

3.  Times Square Centre

4. Sharaf DG and EMax stores

5. Oasis Centre ​

6. Al Ain Centrev

7. Gitex Shopper Season​

8. Day To Day

N/B : Remember to use your bargaining skills in the places mentioned above and always ask for warranty scope.

Best Places for shopping Perfumes

For perfumes, it depends on what you’re looking for, but most of the major malls have stores like Paris Gallery that carry a wide selection of local, regional and international brands. Malls like Dubai Mall have other large department stores, like Bloomingdales and Galeries Lafayette that have a wide selection too. You can also find stores like Arabian Oud, Rasasi and Ajmal that sell regional perfumes – oud and attar at most malls.

A quick tip if you’ve got an American Express Dubai Duty Free Credit Card (or know a friend who does) – 10% off perfumes and a lot of other products at the Dubai Duty Free. Worth having one if you travel through Dubai frequently.
Deira also contains a Spice Souk that has more traditional perfumes. Jump into a taxi and you shall be whisked there in a jiffy!

N/B : Beware not to be a victim of fake perfumes by buying genuine ones at a Duty Free or in a Department store.

Where to Buy Cheap Clothes in Dubai

We had earlier highlighted on some of the best places where you can get good clothes at affordable prices. Check out here 

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