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List Of Best Places To Visit In Vihiga County

This is a list of best places to visit in Vihiga County. Vihiga is one of the four counties in the former Western Province. It covers an area of about 563 square kilometers. The county’s largest town and headquarter is Mbale. It is headed by Governor Wilber K Ottichilo.

In no particular order, here are the best places to visit in Vihiga County.

1. Mungoma Caves

The spectacular caves represent the origin of the Maragoli People. It is believed that ‘Mulogooli’, father of the Maragoli people settled here. The caves double up as a protected shrine where the Maragolis pay annual tributes to their founding father.

2. Maragoli Hills

The scenic hills are located just adjacent to the Mungoma caves. The hills offer exemplary opportunities for birdwatching adventures, hiking, and sightseeing of the beautiful Western Kenya scenery.

3. Kaimosi Forest

It is part of the Central and East African tropical rainforest eco-system. It features indigenous trees and vegetation that form a perfect habitat for different species of birds and arthropods. It is an ideal destination for nature walks, bird watching adventures, picnics, and team building activities.

4. Kibiri Forest

It is also part of the extensive Central and East African tropical rainforest eco-system. It is located in Hamisi sub-county. It is a suitable destination for nature walks, picnics, and team building activities. It also serves as a center where the Tirikis conduct their traditional circumcision ceremonies.

5. Nganyi Hill

The spectacular hills are regarded as the hills of the rainmakers. It is believed that the first rainmaker (Anyole) used to dwell within the hills. There is a community meteorological radio station within the hills. The radio station was actually established to honor Anyole who was a prominent rainmaker.

6. Sosa Cottages

The hotel is set in a tranquil environment characterized by well-manicured lawns and gardens which offer a unique blend of relaxation and comfort in a village setting. The hotel aims at ensuring that guests get to experience the unique Western Kenya hospitality and have a taste of traditional Maragoli culinary delights. It prides in 40 luxurious guest rooms with a 70-bed capacity.

7. Bunyore Hills

It is a series of hills located in Bunyore area and Kima. The hills offer amazing opportunities for hiking and bird watching adventures.

8. Broadpark Hotel

It is located along the Kakamega-Kisumu Road, near Gusanga filling station. It offers luxury accommodation in spacious guest rooms categorized as; single rooms, deluxe rooms, and executive suites.

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