List Of Best Poultry Companies In Kenya

This is a list of best poultry farming companies in Kenya. Poultry farming involves the rearing of domestic birds such as chicken, ducks, turkeys and geese to produce meat and eggs for commercial or domestic use. It is one of the most profitable agribusiness sector one can venture in.

On this list, we are going to focus on companies that provide poultry farming solutions such as the production of poultry feeds, sale &marketing of poultry products and general consultancy services in poultry farming.

Here is a list of the best poultry companies in Kenya.

1. Kim’s Poultry Farm

It is the largest poultry products producing company in Kenya, that also distributes the products to poultry farmers based in different regions of the country.

Location: Nakuru

Contacts: +254 722 805 333, +254 726 132 729

Email: [email protected]

2. Neochicks Poultry Ltd

The company was established several years ago with the aim of providing all poultry solutions such as poultry farming training, marketing and the provision of general poultry products such as incubators and feeds.

Contact: +254 707 787 884

3. Ecochicks Poultry Limited

It supplies high hatch rate automatic egg incubators and offers training services on various sectors of poultry farming and production.

Location: Wakulima House, Haile Selassie Avenue, Nairobi

Contact: +254 727 087 285

Email: [email protected]

4. Homerange Poultry Kenya

Location: Between Toyota Westlands and Medanta Africare, Off Waiyaki Way, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 727 200 116, +254 786 942 052

Email: [email protected]

5. Ziwani Poultry

Location: Off Thika-Garissa Road

Contacts: +254 708 923 991

Email: [email protected]

6. Isinya Feeds Limited

The company was established in 1984 and has over the years grown to be one of the largest poultry companies in Kenya. It mainly produces and distributes products such as dressed chicken, cut ups, day old chicks, table eggs, hatching eggs and poultry equipment.

Contacts: +254 723 004 289

7. Muguku Poultry Farm

It is primarily a hatchery specializing in the production of day old commercial chicks and poultry equipment.

Contact: +254 724 266 087

8. Fresh Bite Beef & Poultry Supplies

The company mainly supplies poultry products such as eggs, meats and poultry equipment

Location: Stall 45, Muindi Mbingu Street, Nairobi

Contacts: +254 724 799 785

9. Engoho Kuku Farmer

It is a multi-sector agribusiness company leading in the supply of agricultural equipment, kienyeji chicken, eggs and poultry equipment.

Contact: +254 727 474 045

10. Nice Hatch Incubators Kenya Ltd

It is a leading supplier of egg incubators, feeders, drinkers and poultry equipment.

Contacts: +254 706 733 531, +254 711 844 945

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