List Of Best Printing Companies In Kenya

This is a list of the best printing companies in Kenya. The list focuses on renowned companies that offer end to end printing solutions of any kind, from large format printing, offset printing, screen printing to digital printing.

Here is a list of the best printing companies in Kenya.

1. Inkpaste Printers & Stationers

Inkpaste is among the leading printing companies in Kenya. The company has the capacity and human resource to handle any kind of printing tasks, from average printing works to bulky printing services in the shortest time possible. It offers printing works for magazines, newsletters, textbooks, labels, brochures, flyers, business cards, posters, banners and manuals.

Contact: 0724 720 002.


2. Smart Printers Ltd

The company was established in 1991 and has grown steadily to become a leader in the printing industry in Kenya. It is a reliable printing firm that specialises in large format printing, offset printing and digital printing.

Contacts: 0733 601 601, 020 374 5533.


3. Ramco Printing Works Limited

Ramco’s business is to understand and facilitate all your print requirements. The company has years of professional accomplishments that make them the leading printing company in Kenya.

Contacts: 0722 513 109, 0714 666 999.

4. Mattel Printing

Mattel is your one stop solution shop for all your printing and branding needs. They offer digital printing services, engraving & direct branding, large format printing, signage production and binding.

Contacts: 0722 393 518, 0702 322 223.


5. Printfast Kenya Ltd

With an array of single colour to multicolour printing presses, the company has evolved into a modern print solution provider with all the necessary equipment to facilitate design, printing and all final finishing process.

Contact: 020 809 7000/1/2/3.


6. Advance Litho Ltd

Advance Litho is a professional printing company that specialises in full colour printing of booklets, magazines, NCR books, brochures and many more.

Contact: 0720 222 666.


7. Paxart Printing Services

The company specialises in offset printing, large format printing, digital printing, promotional items printing, books printing and publishing services.

Contact: 0715 253 802.


8. Cool Print Kenya

Cool Print Kenya is a print and branding agency producing world-class print solutions and award winning branding services in Kenya and beyond. The company prints books, magazines, calendars, brochures, fliers, funeral programmes, diaries, wedding cards, catalogs, company manuals and annual reports.

Contact: 0724 966 800.


9. Rodwell Press Limited

It is one of the oldest, most admired and established members of the print industry in East Africa. It offers end to end printing services at affordable costs.

Contacts: 0725 374 336, 020 247 1001.


10. The Printing Company

The Printing Company is your one stop shop for all your printing needs ranging from digital printing, large format printing, offset printing, screen printing, staff and student IDs, badges printing , vinyl cutting, banners and sticker printing.

Contact: 0722 376 151.


11. Zenithcrest Limited

The company primarily focuses on offering the highest quality printing services at affordable prices. It specialises in offset printing, digital printing and large format printing.

Contact: 0703 171 333.

12. Fabulous Printers Limited

The origin of Fabulous Printers as commercial printers in Nairobi dates back to 1987. The company embraces digital printing and other printing services according to clients’ needs.

Contacts: 0728 471 253, 0733 970 237.


13. Manipal International Printing Press Limited

Started in 1941, the company prints a large variety of products like self-adhesive labels of different types, commercial, security and business forms, shrink sleeves, digital publications and all different sorts of printing.

Contact: 0732 744 544.


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