List Of Best Private Primary Schools Along Kangundo Road

This is a list of the best private primary schools along Kangundo Road. The list focuses on top-performing private schools that offer holistic education in a conducive environment suitable for learning.

In No Particular Order, here is a list of the best private primary schools along Kangundo Road.

1. Josnah Primary School

Josnah Primary School is a private, co-educational day and boarding school offering the 8-4-4 curriculum. It has spacious grounds with excellent facilities to cater for the intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of students.

Location: Ruai, Kangundo Road.

Contacts: 0728 324 408/ 0708 583 837.

2. Brookshine School

Brookshine School is a top private primary school offering a curriculum that focuses on holistic learning. The curriculum incorporates a commitment to stimulating different styles of learning.

Contact: 0726 855 858.

3. St Philip Neri Primary School

St Philip Neri Primary is a day and boarding school that was founded with a mission to provide quality education for all children without discrimination. It offers the 8-4-4 and CBC curriculums.

Location: Joska.

Contacts: 0719 221 401/ 0729 937 128.

4. Grandmark School

Grandmark School is a private day and boarding school regarded as a CBC centre of excellence. The school also admits children who are abled differently.

Location: Kamulu.

Contact: 0722 687 605.

5. Vickmery School

Vickmery School is a comprehensive private day and boarding primary school that offers affordable, all-inclusive and quality education which will assist pupils in developing the finest balance towards life.

Location: Ruai Town.

Contacts: 0799 212 904/ 0733 752 235.

6. Josper Junior Academy

Josper Junior Academy provides an unmatched foundation on spiritual, mental and physical training by offering quality education, mentorship, talent identification, nurturing and guidance.

Location: Stage Kanisani, Kangundo Road.

Contact: 0727 641 564.

7. Elimu House School

Elimu House School is a private mixed boarding school offering the 8-4-4 curriculum. Since opening its doors in 2009, it has earned a reputation for outstanding academic, sporting and cultural achievements.

Location: Kamulu.

Contact: 0720 772 759.

8. Hillpeak School

Hillpeak School is an excellent and unique private school located in a quiet, serene and spacious compound. It offers standard education for young children at the preschool level and primary school education.

Location: Saika.

Contact: 0724 318 798.

9. Riena School

Riena School is a private school geared toward the provision of high-quality education, both 8-4-4 and CBC systems. The school is founded on very strong and firm Christian principles.

Location: Ruai Town.

Contacts: 0791 608 441/ 0734 574 641.

10. Spring Of Mercy Primary School

The school was established in 2014. It is a mixed day and boarding school well set to handle pupils from playgroup to grade 8. It is well-equipped to meet the demands of 8-4-4 and CBC systems.

Location: Ruai.

Contacts: 0721 659 346/ 0721 936 818.

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