List Of Best Private Primary Schools Along Ngong Road

This is a list of the best private primary schools along Ngong Road. The list focuses on top performing schools with excellent facilities that provide a conducive environment for learning.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best private primary schools along Ngong Road

1. St Hannah’s School

St Hannah’s School comprises an early learning centre (playgroup, reception class, pre-primary 1 & 2) and a mixed primary school with optional boarding facilities. The school offers the national curriculum, 8-4-4 as well as the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC).

Location: Corner of Ole Dume Road & Kindaruma Road.

Contacts: 020 211 2655/ 0720 831 866.

2. Makini School- Ngong Road Campus

Makini School is a top-performing private primary school offering a blend of the Competency-Based Curriculum and 8-4-4 system from grade 1-6 and 7-8. The school is keen on both good academic performance and excellence in co-curricular activities.

Contact: 020 387 5006.

3. Elirama School

Elirama School is a private mixed day pre & primary school strategically in Embulbul,  located along Ngong Road. It is a place of providing holistic and experiential learning as guided by the 8-4-4 curriculum that is approved by the Ministry of Education.

Contact: 0721 547 501.

4. Maasai Primary School

Maasai Primary School offers 8-4-4 and the new 2-6-3-3 curriculum from baby class to upper primary. The school has state of the art facilities that provide a conducive atmosphere for learning.

Location: Off Ngong Road, 5km to Ngong Town.

Contact: 0713 088 218.

5. Greenyard Junior School

Greenyard Junior School was established in 1993. It carries the vision of being a model in making a difference, with a mission of acquiring and nurturing pillars of excellence, i.e moral, intellectual, spiritual and social.

Location: Ngong Town, Opposite Milele Mall.

Contacts: 0725 954 188/ 0735 680 360.

6. Rudan Junior Academy

Rudan Junior Academy is a leading private primary school that has been existing for a decade in Nairobi’s education scene. The school offers primary education for both day and boarding, from kindergarten to class 8.

Location: Santak Estate, Along Ngong Road.

Contact: 0720 661 533.

7. CITAM Schools

CITAM Schools provide a high broad-based education where children are properly nurtured in their physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual development in a supportive and secure environment.

Locations: Off Ngong Road in Woodley & Ngong Town.

Contacts: 0714 941 307/ 0709 861 400.

8. St Nicholas School

St Nicholas School is a well established institution of learning. It is a private school offering Kenya National education system, 8-4-4 as well as CBC.

Contact: 0727 230 141.

9. Serare School

Serare School is a privately owned co-educational day & boarding school that follows the 8-4-4 system of education which is offered to students from kindergarten to primary school level.

Location: 1st Drive, Kerarapon Drive, Ngong.

Contacts: 0712 681 411/ 0733 900 477.

10. Rose Of Sharon Academy

Rose Of Sharon Academy is a CBC/ 8-4-4 and Cambridge curriculum kindergarten and primary school. The school is truly privileged to be accorded an opportunity to play a critical role in raising a generation of leaders that will stand out from the rest.

Location: Kabarnet Road, Off Ngong Road.

Contact: 0721 370 393.

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