List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Baringo County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Baringo County which is headed by Governor Stanley Kiptis. The county’s largest town and headquarter is Kabarnet.

Baringo has quite some top-performing private primary schools which severally produce candidates with 400 marks and above. The schools offer quality education that guarantees your children a direct ticket to study in some of Kenya’s best national secondary schools. The county’s top school in the 2018 KCPE was Crescent Academy with a mean score of 390 marks.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best private primary schools in Baringo County.

1. Crescent Academy

Location: Eldama Ravine

2. Kings Hill Academy

Location: Kabarnet Town

3. Green View Academy

Location: Eldama Ravine

4. AIC Academy Kabartonjo

Location: Kabartonjo

5. St Mary’s Catholic Academy

Location: Kabarnet Town

6. Mogotio Little Friends Academy

Location: Lembus, Mogotio

7. Soy  Academy

Location: Emining

8. Immaculate Mother Parochial Primary School

Location: Eldama Ravine

9. Bethany Academy

Location: Eldama Ravine

10. Betla Academy

Location: Eldama Ravine Town

11. Green Bells Academy

Location: Loboi

12. St Claire Academy

Location: Mogotio

13. Kiram Academy

Location: Mogotio

14. Gidem Academy

Location: Eldama Ravine

15. Somonik Academy

Location: Near Eldama Ravine Town

16. Glory Academy

Location: Kabartonjo Town

17. SDA Kabarnet Academy

Location: Kabarnet Town

18. Kenewa Precious Academy

Location: Eldama Ravine Town

19. Oasis Hillside Academy

Location: Mogotio


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