List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Kericho County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Kericho County. Kericho County is regarded as home to the best of Kenyan tea, with the most popular brand being Ketepa. Several top tea factories such as James Finlay, Ketepa, Unilever, Williamson Tea and Kapchebet are located in the agricultural rich county.

In terms of academics, Kericho County prides in numerous private primary schools which have always posted impressive results in the KCPE examinations. A majority of the private primary schools in the county managed to attain mean scores of over 350 marks in the 2018 KCPE examinations. The best school in the county in 2018 was Chemitan Academy with a mean score of 401.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best private primary schools in Kericho County. All the schools in the list had mean scores of over 350 marks in the 2018 KCPE examinations.

1. Chemitan Academy

Location: Litein Town, Along Sotik-Kericho Highway.

2. Crystal Hill Academy

Location: Belgut, Sigowet division.

3. Chumo Academy

Location: Waldai, Belgut Constituency.

4. Progressive Academy

Location: Ainamoi.

5. Sally Ann Academy

Location: Litein, Along Kericho-Kisii Highway.

6. Upper Hill Academy Morit

Location: Bureti Constituency

7. ST Theresa Kipchimchim

Location: Ainamoi

8. Kericho Primary School

Location: Ainamoi

9. Holy Trinity Academy

Location: Within Kericho Town, Along Kericho-Kisumu Highway.

10. Chepkolon Green Highlands Academy

Location: Ainamoi

11. Paurecca Academy

Location: Bureti, Chepterwo Road.

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