List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Machakos County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Machakos County. Machakos is one of the counties in the former Eastern Province of Kenya. It covers an area of about 6,208 square kilometres. The county is headed by Governor Alfred Mutua.

Machakos County managed to produce the best school nationally in the 2018 KCPE  examinations. Little known Ikombe Primary school, a public school, managed to outshine several top private primary schools to emerge the best school in the country with a mean score of 418 marks. The public school in Yatta had a total of 95 candidates who beat all odds to emerge victorious in the 2018 KCPE examinations.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best private primary schools in Machakos County.

1. Premese Greenhill Academy, Machakos Junction Turn-Off

Location: We are located along Kyumbi/Machakos Road

Contacts: 0722292042, 0700520458 / 0728 957164



2. Leaders Academy

Location: Opposite Maanzoni Lodge, Machakos junction-Kyumbi.

3. Full Care Academy

Location: Machakos-Konza Road.

4. Star Sheikh Academy

Location: Athi River Town

5. St Joseph’s Mbiuni

Location: Mbiuni

6. ABC Kathiani Academy

Location: Kathiani Town

7. Kyandu Bright Academy

Location: Kyandu Village, Kyevaluki-Kangundo.

8. Makutano AIC Academy

Location: Along Machakos-Kitui Road.

9. Kangundo Junior Academy

Location: Tala market, off Nairobi-Kangundo Road.

10. Machakos Academy

Location: Machakos Town, behind Machakos Teachers College.

11. Laverna Primary School

Location: Kangundo Constituency

12. Malili Hills Academy

Location: Near Konza Techno city

13. Joyland Vision Academy

Location: Mavoko

14. St Emmanuel Junior Academy

Location: Kathiani Constituency

15. Siloam Academy

Location: Kathiani

16. Masii Academy

Location: Masii Town.

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