List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Mandera County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Mandera County. Mandera County recorded a drop in the overall KCPE 2019 performance. The county’s best candidate had 407 marks compared to 2018’s best candidate who got 422 marks.

The best candidate was Khalid Kheiry Yusuf from Lafey Primary School, a public primary school.

In no particular order, here is a list of best private primary schools in Mandera County.

1. Al Bukhari Academy

Location: Mandera Town

2.AL Huda Academy

Location: Bulla Jamuhuria

3.Matarajio Academy

Location: Rhamu Town

4. AL Qalam Junior Academy

Location: Central Mandera

5. Elimu Bora Academy

Location: Mandera

6. Elwak Academy

Location: Elwak Town

7. Iqra Integrated Academy

Location: Bulla Jamuhuria

8. Mandera Furaha Academy

Location: Mandera Town

9. Umul Qura Primary School

Location: Central Mandera

10. Mandera Integrated Primary School

Location: Mandera Town

11. Jivunie Academy

Location: Rhamu Town

12. Bayan Academy

Location: Mandera Town

13.Almasi Primary School

Location: Rhamu Town

14.Ashabab Junior Academy

Location: Bulla Goloi, Mandera East Constituency

15. Omar Al Faruq Integrated Primary School

Location: Bulla Jamuhuria, Mandera East Constituency

16.Border View Academy

Location: Mandera East

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