List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Mombasa County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Mombasa County. Mombasa is the smallest county in Kenya, covering an area of 229.7 square kilometres, excluding 65 square kilometres of the water mass. The county is headed by Governor Ali Hassan Joho.

In the 2019 KCPE examinations, private schools in Mombasa County topped charts by producing several candidates with 400 marks and above. A few public schools such as Ganjoni and Nyali Primary also managed to produce quite a number of candidates with 400 marks and above.

The county’s best school in the 2019 KCPE was the Nyali School with a mean score of 382.7. Other top-performing schools were Teman Junior School with a mean score of 363 and little known Manna Good News Academy which produced the county’s second-best candidate with 427 marks.

In no particular order, here is a list of best private primary schools in Mombasa County.

1.Teman Junior School

Location: Off Felix Mandiu Road,Near Lake View Estate,Bamburi Mtambo road,

2. The Nyali School

Location: Links Road, Mombasa

3. Busy Bee School

Location: Tudor, Opposite Technical University of Mombasa.

4. Memon Academy

Location: Maalim Juma Road, Mombasa

5. Leads School

Location: Jomvu

6. St David Primary School

Location: Mshomoroni

7. St Joseph Herman Max Primary School

Location: Mtopanga

8. Jeddys Academy

Location: Nyali

9. Fairfield Academy

Location: Kiembeni

10. St Claret Primary School

Location: Kiembeni, Behind Kiembeni Baptist Primary School

11. Loreto Convent Mombasa

Location: Kizingo

12. MM Shah and MV Shah Academy

Location: Off Khamis Road

13. Al Kheir Muslim School

Location: About 1.5 kilometres from Mombasa Town.

14. St Kevin Hill Academy

Location: Nyali

15. Maryjoy Primary School

Location: Kisimani, near Frere Town Methodist Church

16. St George Academy

Location: Changamwe

17. Highgate Academy

Location: Along Port Reitz Road.

18. Manna Good News Academy

Location: Mkomani

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