List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Murang’a County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Murang’a County. Murang’a is one of the five counties in the former Central region of Kenya. It covers an area of approximately 2,558 square kilometers. The county is headed by Governor Mwangi Wa Iria.

Murang’a has quite a number of private primary schools which consistently perform well in KCPE examinations. The county’s best school in the 2018 KCPE was Emmanuel Academy with a mean score of 387.17 marks. The second best school had a mean score of 377.

In no particular order, here is a list of best private primary schools in Murang’a County.

1. Emmanuel Academy

Location: Kangari

2. Murang’a Elite Primary School

Location: Off Murang’a-Sagana Road

3. Green Cottage Academy

Location: Murang’a Town

4. Benedito Highway Complex School

Location: Along Murang’a-Maragua Highway

5. Bishop Kairo Education Centre 

Location: Murang’a Town

6. Miriam Target Academy

Location: Mathioya

7. Kagira Memorial Academy

Location: Gatanga

8. Fountain Of Hope Primary School

Location: Kandara

9. Zerubabel Junior School

Location: Kangema

10. Elite M.G Academy

Location: Gatanga

11. Makuyu Royal Star Academy

Location: Maragua

12. St Barnabas Primary School

Location: Kangema

13. Amani Academy

Location: Gatanga

14. Grace Fountain Academy

Location: Gatanga

15. Mwagu Premier Academy

Location: Gatanga

16. Kandara Township Academy

Location: Kandara Town

17. St Philips Academy

Location: Gatanga Town

18. Sacred Heart Primary School

Location: Kandara

19. Maryland Academy

Location: Gatanga

20. Greenfields Academy

Location: Kandara

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