List Of Best Private Primary Schools In Nandi County

This is a list of best private primary schools in Nandi County, better known as Kenya’s athletics hub. It is home to several world’s celebrated athletes. The county is headed by Governor Stephen Sang.

The county has quite some top performing primary schools which severally produce candidates with 400 marks and above. The best school in the 2018 KCPE examinations was Nandi Hills Academy with a mean score of 388.56, followed closely by Bishop Muge Memorial, with a mean score of 387.51 marks.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best private primary schools in Nandi County.

1. Nandi Hills Academy

Location: Nandi Hills Tea Factory Ltd.

2. AIC Sochoi Academy

Location: Ol’lessos, Near Nandi Hills Town

3. Precious Hill Academy

Location: Kapsabet Town

4. Kapsabet Elite Academy

Location: Kapsabet, Emgwen Location

5. Midpros Academy

Location: Emgwen

6. Rockfield School

Location: Sigot

7. St Benedicts Preparatory School

Location: Mosop

8. Victory Preparatory School

Location: Mosop

9. Hills Academy

Location: Ndalat

10. Shiners Academy

Location: Kabiyet, near Nandi Hills Town

11. Roxy School Kapsabet

Location: Kapsabet Town

12. Holy Family Academy

Location: Tinderet

13. Rutan Academy

Location: Kabiyet

14. Sironoi SDA Academy

Location: Kamoiywo

15. St Theresa’s Primary Nduroto

Location: Tinderet

16. St Thomas Preparatory Primary School

Location: Kamalel

17. Sky King Academy

Location: Kosirai, Near Nandi Hills Town

18. Rehema Academy

Location: Kilibwoni

19. Joyland Academy 

Location: Kapkobis

20. Mosoriot Junior Academy

Location: Kosirai

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