List Of Best Private Tuition Centres In Nairobi

This is a list of the best private tuition centres in Nairobi. The list focuses on well-established tuition centres with experienced and professional tutors who offer individualised tuition services aimed at improving a pupil’s or student’s academic record.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best private tuition centres in Nairobi

1. Recco Education Centre

It is one of the best private tuition centres in Nairobi, offering private tuition in both local & international curricula and resits for those repeating. It offers individualised tuition in IGCSE, A level, IB, BNC, SATS, TOEFL and 8-4-4.

Location: Lavington.

Contacts: 0722 808 764, 0782 808 764.

2. Skyward Tuition Centre

The centre offers private tuition classes which are conducted on a one-on-one basis. Each tuition session lasts 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Location: Westlands Road, Opposite Pride Inn, Gate No 15.

Contact: 0700 380 399.

3. Crestview Tuition & Homeschooling Centre

Crestview Tuition Centre offers the highest quality tuition services to students taking IB, CBC, IGCSE and A level. The services are offered online and in-centre.

Location: George Padmore Road.

Contact: 0742 747 967.

4. Priority Home Based Tuition

The centre has dedicated and experienced teachers who offer individualised tuition services for all subjects cutting across IGCSE, IB, A level, ACE, American curriculum and 8-4-4.

Location: Gate 41, Prof Saitoti Avenue, Westlands.

Contacts: 0725 706 035, 0729 546 062.

5. Elimu Hub Tuition Centre

Elimu Hub provides private tuition to young people and adults studying for qualification, from Kenyan education system and the British IGCSE.

Location: South C.

Contact: 0731 838 387.

6. Preswin Home Tuition

Preswin Home Tuition is Nairobi’s leading pioneer when it comes to home tuition. It comprises a team of excellent and qualified professionals experienced in providing private home-based tuition.

Contact: 0723 419 853.

7. Shrines Home School & Tuition Centre

The centre has branches in Lavington and along Thika Road. It offers both local and international curriculum holiday tuition services, home schooling and adult education.

Contact: 0723 957 703.

8. Royal Tuition Centre

It is a well-established and highly regarded private tuition centre in Nairobi providing subsidised and high-quality tuition for your children.

Location: George Padmore Road.

Contact: 0710 974 237.

9. Brook Star Homeschool & Tuition Centre

The centre offers private tuition services throughout Nairobi and neighbouring counties. Curriculums offered include IGCSE, IB, 8-4-4 and the American curriculum.

Contacts: 0706 554 441, 0100 457 860.

10. Outstanding Outcomes Home Tuition

It is a homeschooling and remedial tuition service provider for students of all ages and abilities, offering tuition services for curriculums such as CBC, 8-4-4, IB, IGCSE, As/A level and adult education.

Contact: 0722 499 077

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