List Of Best Qatar Job Agents In Kenya

This is a list of best Qatar job agents in Kenya. Qatar is currently bursting with job opportunities. The best and easiest way to land such opportunities is through genuine agents who act as a link between employers and employees. Well, this article will focus on genuine agents who have over the years connected thousands of job seekers with potential employers in Qatar.

In no particular order, here is a list of the best Qatar job agents in Kenya.

1. Forbes Global Kenya

Forbes Global is the number one job recruiting agency in Kenya, with access to the widest selection of jobs abroad and in the Middle East particularly in Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and Afghanistan.

Location: Embassy House, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0713 089 553, 0769 133 847.

2. Elmvale Agency Kenya

Elmvale is a leading human resource recruitment service provider that specialises in the deployment and selection of skilled and unskilled workers. The agency sources for jobs abroad especially in the Middle East.

Location: Uchumi House, Aga Khan Walk, Nairobi.

Contact: 0722 359 558.

3. Talent Quest Africa

Talent Quest Africa is a leading manpower company in Kenya. It specialises with labour migration from Kenya to the larger Gulf area and beyond. They deal with all cadres of manpower, semi-skilled and skilled workers from Kenya.

Location: Information House, 5th Floor, Room 504.

Contact: 0722 407 105.


4. Monisa Company Limited

Monisa was founded in 2014 as a recruitment company that finds and contracts organisations that need manpower to tackle the job needs of entry and middle level vacancies to fulfil. It connects clients with employers abroad especially in Middle East, in countries such as Qatar, Dubai, Lebanon, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia.

Location: Terry House, 2nd Floor, Mfangano Street, Nairobi.

Contact: 0773 297 155.


5. Al Jamana Agency Ltd

Al Jamana is a jobs recruitment agency that connects job seekers to employers. It has helped hundreds of Kenyans secure lucrative job opportunities in the Gulf.

Contacts: 0708 993 333, 0722 691 761, 0713 363 420.


6. Gulf Manpower Agency

It is a leading recruitment agency dedicated to promoting people’s lives with significant employment and development opportunities as well as providing various companies with the necessary personnel. It has recruited for companies in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Europe and many others.

Location: 3rd Floor, Watersys Annex, Opposite Jamia Mall, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0774 052 398, 0722 304 787.

7. Elmerry International Connections Ltd

It is a recruitment company of choice for many leading local and international companies. It recruits truck and machinery drivers, house & office cleaners and security guards and connects them with employers locally and abroad, especially in the Middle East.

Location: Uniafric House, 3rd Floor, Koinange Street, Nairobi.

Contact: 0716 480 702.

Email: info@elmerryinternational.

8. Plan Manpower Limited

The company provides recruitment and placement services to foreign companies that are tailored to fit the needs of the recruiting companies. It is able to process travel plans for joining staff upon submitting all the necessary required documents.

Location: Development House, 2nd Floor, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0719 510 505, 0722 423 275.


9. Nammy International Travel Ltd

The company provides recruitment services in Kenya to employers in the UAE and Middle East. It offers recruitment services for industries in agriculture, automobile, banking, domestic, housekeeping, security, construction, education, logistics and hospitality services.

Location: Wing A3, 5th Floor, Corner House, Kimathi Street, Nairobi.

Contacts: 0723 719 101, 0715 577 755.


10. Derimel Recruiting Agency

Derimel is a recruitment agency that opens up employment prospects for job seekers, with a focus in the Middle East. It finds employment opportunities for clients in all sectors.

Location: Skymall Plaza, Luthuli Avenue, Nairobi.

Contact: 0723 466 697, 0733 704 848.


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